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Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) was established in mid 2015, arc's motto "belong grow and contribute" reflects arc's mission to foster a sense of belonging and growth within the LGBTIQ+ community leading to a positive contribution to general society.

arc's areas of work mainly revolve around Pride, Health, Communication and Social Activities.  Since its inception in mid 2015 arc has:

- Organised a variety of  LGBTIQ social events (Cultural, Social & Sport) 

- Published a study on LGBTIQ health in Malta. 

- Participated & co-ordinated Malta Pride.

- launched an online LGBTIQ information spot.

- Raised funds to finance health, youth and advocacy  projects. 

- Distributed HIV Self-test kits to the community.

- Launched an HIV/SAI Educational campaign.

- Collaborated with other entities and NGOs on common initiatives.

- Been active in social policy, white paper discussions and development.

arc is a registered voluntary organisation VO no 1136. arc submits all annual returns to the voluntary organisation commissioner in accordance to Maltese Law.

The 2019/2020 Executive Committee

As per the Annual General Meeting which took place in March 2019, the new executive committee is composed of the following members:


  • Clayton Mercieca

  • Mick Cordina

  • Nicholas Bugeja

  • Michael Salone

  • Moyra Sammut

  • Moussa Hammoud

The 2019/20 Work Plan

Click on the image below to know ARC's workplan for 2018


With just EUR10* a year, you can actively participate in ARC's strategic direction and its mission whilst supporting its ongoing activities.






*You will be charged the sum of EUR11.50 automatically every year which includes a paypal fee of EUR1.50. You can cancel this subscription anytime via your PayPal settings.  Get in touch if you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer

Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) works mainly on LGBTIQ issues, Pride and Health. We run our projects on public donations and through fund raising initiatives. If you would like to support us or any of our projects feel free to donate.


You can also support us by becoming a member or by donating funds to a specific cause. To donate funds for a specific cause contact arc on  

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