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Health Initiatives

arc embarked on several initiatives to improve sexual health in Malta, arc attended several media programs to educate the public, teamed up with other NGOs to exert pressure on authorities to improve current practices. Participated in UNAIDS and ECDC meetings, teamed up with grindr to send informative messages to it's users on SAIs, Worked with MGRM to co-organise world AIDS day activities.

arc Health Work Group

arc assembled a health work group composed of medical professionals and activists working hand in hand with the Health Authorities, NGO's and people living with HIV to work on improving health services, perception, treatment and educate the general public on HIV and SAIs.   

arc LGBTIQ Health Study

In 2016 arc published a study on LGBTIQ health in Malta, the study identified some alarming highlights including the fact that since 2009 HIV has been increasing by 57% per annum in MSM in Malta. The report also proposes recommendations (including financial projections) to reverse  such alarming trends.  You can view/download  the arc LGBTIQ Health report below.

arc has created an independent information platform on sexual health and sexual health testing in Malta. All of's information is based on the local scenario and is compiled by doctors, health workers and people living with HIV.

Introduction of New Health Services

Through it's private donors arc funded and introduced microscopy testing at the Mater Dei GU Clinic. arc funded the overseas training of medical staff. To make make this service available to the local GU clinic Clients. The donation was presented to Health Minister Dr Chris Fearne.


Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) works mainly on LGBTIQ issues, Pride and Health. We run our projects on public donations and through fund raising initiatives. If you would like to support us or any of our projects feel free to donate.

You can also support us by becoming a member or by donating funds to a specific cause. To donate funds for a specific cause contact arc on  

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Members of arc committee presenting the donation to the Health Minister

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