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The 2019 Work Plan

arc LGBTIQ Activities

arc organises monthly LGBTIQ activities throughout the year to cater for all tastes and ages. Activities include LGBTIQ film screening, hikes, picnics, boat cruises, themed parties, theatre visits, beach BBQ's, Eurovision nights and more. Access to most of the events is free, at cost and sometime subsidised.  

Malta Pride

ARC has been organising Malta Pride since 2016. In 2018, it became an official member of the European Pride Organizers Association. 

Rainbow Sundays
arc Pride Bus
LGBTIQ Community awards
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One of the main issues that arc invested in was communication, several out-dated sources of information exist on the internet, people did not know of ongoing activities, latest news and LGBTIQ initiatives. arc created a structure to make sure that those who sought out information could get it. The same structures helped arc keep in contact with the community.

arc has invested in creating a one stop up to date LGBTIQ information hub. lists all LGBTIQ events, news and activities for reference to locals and visitors alike. Some also nicknamed it the LGBTIQ notice board. Click to visit

E-Newsletter and Facebook

arc issues a bi-monthly electronic newsletter and constantly updates it's facebook Page with information on anything of LGBTIQ interest (News, Promotions, Activities etc).

Health Initiatives

arc embarked on several initiatives to improve sexual health in Malta, arc attended several media programs to educate the public, teamed up with other NGOs to exert pressure on authorities to improve current practices. Participated in UNAIDS and ECDC meetings, teamed up with grindr to send informative messages to it's users on SAIs and worked with MGRM to co-organise world AIDS day 2016 activities.

Introduction of New Health Services

Through it's private donors arc introduced microscopy testing at the Mater Dei GU Clinic. To make make this service available to the local GU clinic Clients, arc funded the overseas training of two medical staff.

arc LGBTIQ Health Study

arc published a study on LGBTIQ health, the study highlighted some alarming issues and offered recommendations to tackle such issues.  

arc SAI work group

arc assembled a health work group composed of medical professionals and activists working hand in hand with the Health Authorities, NGO's and people living with HIV to work on improving health services, treatment and educate the general public on SAIs.
ARC newsletter
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Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) works mainly on LGBTIQ issues, Pride and Health. We run our projects on public donations and through fund raising initiatives. If you would like to support us or any of our projects feel free to donate.


You can also support us by becoming a member or by donating funds to a specific cause. To donate funds for a specific cause contact arc on  

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Working with others

although arc is an independent NGO, arc often collaborates or joins other entities on particular projects for instance PMOC16 NGO's & businesses for Pride , MGRM for European testing week, HIV and world aids day and the LGBTIQ consultative council.

LGBTIQ Consultative Council 

arc is an active member of the LGBTIQ consultative council, the council gathers all Maltese LGBTIQ NGOs and acts as a forum to put forward LGBTIQ related laws and push for legislation changes. 

Supporting the community

arc also supports/supported other third party LGBTIQ initiatives such as the:

1) IGLYO Malta 2016 conference organised by WEare and Gender Liberation,

2) Promotes all ongoing 3rd Party initiatives such as activities, venues, studies, student dissertations etc free of charge through

3) Supported Mr Gay World Malta organisers (axm).

4) Assisted Mr Gay Malta 2016 in Public Relations.

5) Made donations to other charitable institutions such as Puttinu Cares.


arc SAI Campaign
arc GU Clinic donation
arc Bio-Sure Test kits
RED Ribbons on TVM News
arc health report
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