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​For just €10/year, you can become a paid-up member of Allied Rainbow Communities (VO/1136)
and enjoy benefits whilst supporting our work.


We create events for the LGBTQ+ community.


We provide information that is relevant for our community with what's happening in Malta & around the world.


We hear out the community and put forward our concerns to Government & other stakeholders.


We advise best practices to all sectors based on our collective knowledge & experience.

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Our members are given a virtual membership app giving them access to offers, up-to-date news, information & upcoming events.

AFFIRM your position as an LGBTQ+ Friendly Business in Malta.


Become a partner of ARC’s membership app by offering a discount / free gift or anything that suits your business for our members to become your customers!

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Due its size and other factors, Malta has very limited exclusive LGBTQ+ spaces where the community can meet. Besides the party events that take place monthly, we believe that the community needs other opportunities where it can meet. 


ARC organises a number of events throughout the year to offer an alternative scene from one which is purely clubbing.  You can check any upcoming events on our calendar. 

Our events include Social Meetups, Country Walks, Film Nights, Karaoke Nights, Eurovision Nights & other events led by our volunteers. 

ARC is also the coordinator and organiser of Malta Pride. 



LGBTQ+ Events & News are rarely mainstreamed which makes it very difficult for the community to know what's happening around the Island and in the world. We, therefore, use a mix of media to provide information, primarily to our community and visitors. Information can take on many forms, including events, sexual health, places to visit, etc. 

Our main source of information for events and Malta-based news is our online portal

We also use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages, Newsletters and a variety of social media and online groups. 

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Malta's top ranking on ILGA-Europe's Rainbow Index is a great achievement for the LGBTQ community. Legislation in Malta has been revised in such a way that protects and provides equal rights to LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Notwithstanding this, our community still faces injustices on various aspects in life. This is where, as an organization, we listen to our members and lobby where pressure needs to be made. 



A truly inclusive society entails having businesses, voluntary and public entities being actively involved in promoting diversity.


Our collective experience and knowledge allows us to provide advise and act as a consultative body to support you to be an LGBTQ+ Inclusive organization.  


Become a Member

  With just EUR10* a year, you can actively participate in ARC's strategic direction and its mission whilst supporting its ongoing activities.


*You will be charged the sum of EUR11.50 automatically every year which includes a paypal fee of EUR1.50. You can cancel this subscription anytime via your PayPal settings.  Get in touch if you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer


Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) works mainly on LGBTIQ issues, Pride and Health. We run our projects on public donations and through fundraising initiatives. If you would like to support us or any of our projects feel free to donate.

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Allied Rainbow Communities

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