Sexual Health Testing Procedure in Malta
It is natural to be nervous about getting tested, even if the vast majority of people who go for an SAI test find they are clear. Knowing your status through testing is re-assuring and if needed enables one to access treatment for the best possible health outcomes.  

Where can I get tested?

Screening and Testing in Malta for Sexually Acquired Infections (SAI) is FREE of charge and is performed from ANY point within the Public Health Service (Health Centres/GU Clinic). Private health services and some family doctors also offer SAI testing, against payment.

The current tests provided by the Public sector at GU clinic in Mater Dei Hospital require an appointment (call on 00356 21 227 981 for an appointment). Urgent appointments are also accepted.

The GU Clinic is at:

Outpatient Department Level 2,

Mater Dei Hospital, Msida.

Call on 00356 21 227 981 for an appointment.

For alternative testing clinics click here. 

Before Testing:

Before testing the client would need to abstain from any sexual activity for 5-7 days. One will also need to withhold from passing urine for 4 hours before the test to provide a urine sample. There is no need to withhold from food or water prior the test.

Once at the GU Clinic:


Once at the clinic you will be given a GU number from the practitioner, this number is used instead of your id card when ordering tests hence your privacy is ensured.

You will then be given a ticket and you will be informed when your turn is next. Hence no personal information is divulged.

The Test (Step by Step)

You will be asked for personal information on Sexual behaviour, Drug intake and other related information. Don't worry the staff at GU Clinic have heard many "stories", they are very open minded and non judgemental. 

If you do not have any symptoms: 

  1. Unless you have any symptoms you will be given a test pack with 4 containers, one for a urine sample, one for a blood sample and the other two for an oral and anal swab.

  2. You will be given instructions on how to collect the swabs and the urine sample and then asked to go to the bathroom to collect them.

  3. After handing the 3 samples at the GU desk you will be instructed to go to get your blood taken. (Fear not: a very small needle will be used for the blood sample)

  4. Call within 1 week providing your GU Number for identification to find out your test results.

If you suspect or have any symptoms:

  1. If you have symptoms or suspect infection the practitioner will ask for your consent to perform a physical examination. (the examination is done in full privacy)

  2. Your body will be examined and blood samples and swabs will be taken. 

  3. You will be asked and instructed how to provide a urine sample.

  4. Once done you will be asked to leave the samples at the desk. 

  5. Call the reception within 1 week providing your GU Number for identification to find out your results.

Keep in Mind: 

It is natural to be nervous about getting tested and even if the vast majority of people who go for an SAI test find they are clear, knowing your status through testing is re-assuring.

Although it may come as a shock at first, even getting a positive result can be a good thing in the long run, Knowing your status is the first step in getting timely access to treatment giving the best possible health outcomes and making you non infective to your partner/s.

If you do test positive, you'll be able to take steps to protect your partner/s, other people you're close to and any children you might want to have in the future. Even if you have something that can't be cured to date like HIV, serious infections can be managed effectively if they're discovered early enough. With modern treatment and care, people with HIV can look forward to years of normal and  healthy life.

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