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Commute to Pride using Public Transport, Bicycle or Electric Vehicles. Offer a ride to others when using your own car.

The release of floating balloons is STRICTLY prohibited! They will cause serious harm to sealife.

Float Contingents should make use of recycled material.

Consumers of food/drinks are encouraged to re-use cutlery/plates/cups and AVOID PLASTIC STRAWS!

Promoters are encouraged to distribute Eco-friendly & reusable giveaways/freebies.

Reuse banners from past marches

Use paper confetti, eco-glitter (avoid plastic)

Less Paper More Digital Promotional Leaflets/Tickets

Freely distributed water bottles should encourage recycle/reuse 

Freely distributed water bottles should encourage recycle/reuse 

Food/Drink Vendors are encouraged to serve  by the draft/dispensers

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Friends of Pride

Collab with Let's Do It Malta!


On the 15th of September 2018 Let's Do It Malta (Get Trashed Malta, Malta Clean Up and The Gaia Foundation) starts the day with a record breaking #cleanup.


Later on they will join us for Malta Pride 2018 Parade & Celebrate and hand out 5000 #bamboo #straws to anyone giving them an empty plastic bottle in return!


Thank you to our sponsor in common, Gaming Innovation Group, for this awesome initiative!


Use the straw during the evening, snap a photo and tag #GreenerPride on social media to help us raise awareness for a cleaner Malta!


3000 tons of plastic waste is floating on the surface of the #Mediterranean #Sea causing injuries to #turtles#dolphins and #seabirds 🐢🐬🦆.


We are happy to announce that Let's Do It Malta has teamed up with #MaltaPride18 and uniting under the tag #GreenerPride.



Even Glitter can be eco-friendly!

We understand that an event like #Pride is no fun without #glitter. We are also aware the harm #microplastics are causing to the environment which ultimately end up in our system.


We highly encourage the use of #BioGlitter as it's safe and respects the environment. The link below shows a variety of suppliers from where to purchase such glitter. Let's all contribute towards a #GreenerPride and ask local suppliers to source these glitters for all type of events.


We will gladly promote local shops who supply such glitter. Just hit us up!



😱 OMG! We are so excited to announce that the #REUSABLE bamboo straws sponsored by Gaming Innovation Group have arrived! 😎

🕶️ 5,000 bamboo straws for Malta 🕶️

Let's Do It Malta are cooperating with Malta Pride 2018 🌈. You will see us there during the parade and after to assist with waste management.

So...How to get this amazing straw? 😍

👉 On the 15th of September during the parade, give the Let's Do It Malta team a plastic bottle (your empty soda bottle or one you found on the ground) and we will give you a bamboo straw!

Simple as that 😎✨

Then please tag a selfie on social media with #greenerpride to make sure everyone knows that you are proud AND green 🌳🌴.

Bali Life Bamboo Straws - what a service with fast order! ♥️Thank you for your work in getting Maltese restaurants and bars making the switch!

 We want everyone to celebrate #diversity and march for #equality this Saturday but we also want this event to be #sustainable!


For this reason we are excited to announce that we will be giving away these  #MaltaPride18 #ecocups which are #reusable and will help us to minimise waste of single use plastics.


These #limitededition #souvenir cups will be available at the concert space at Herbert Ganado Gardens from our volunteers for a donation of €2/cup.


Proceeds will keep on supporting #LGBTQ community events.


#waste #malta #greenerpride


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