Pride Malta is celebrated early on during summer due to Malta's warm Mediterranean  climate. Pride celebrations consist of various activities taking place during pride week, events vary from Seminars to Boat Cruises to Cinema and Open-air Parties culminating to the Pride March taking place in the Capital Valletta. We look forward to have you with us for our upcoming prides celebrations..

Thank you for being Part of Pride Malta Week 2016, This year Pride March themed “full equality” was attended by approximately 1000 participants. The organisers would like to thank the Valletta Police, The Valletta Local Council & Town Manager, Co-organising/Participating NGOs/entities, Singers, Dancers and DJ’s for performing for free at the Pride Concert and Street Party, all Volunteers, all media outlets that helped promote and cover the events, this year’s official Pride Malta website. The Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and the Irish, French and Dutch ambassador for participating in Pride March.  Director of Human Rights Silvan Agius for the Pride Speech. All marching NGO’s, Organisations, Businesses, Political Parties, Sponsors, Donors, Supporters and individuals.

All income from the Official Pride Party held at Aria Complex on the 11th June will be donated to Fund LGBTI Community Projects and Pride 2017. The organisers would like to thank the Aria Management, DJ’s & volunteers for providing the venue and all respective Services Free of Charge thus making this donation possible.

We would like to thank you for being part of Pride 2016, if you or your organisation would like to be part of/participate in Pride 2017 please contact us on

Pride Malta 2016
Pride Malta Party
(Aria Complex) 

This year's official Pride Malta Party was held at ARIA Complex. The Party raised over €2,300 to partially fund Pride Malta 2017 and LGBTI community projects. The organisers would like to thank Divina de Campo for her spectacular show, Aria Complex for their support, DJ's Pete Spirko, Oanna and Cathy K for volunteering their services and all those who attended the event.  

Pride Malta 2017

Pride Malta Week 2017 dates, activities and information will be out soon, kindly subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest updates directly in your inbox. In the meantime wherever you are happy pride!