Extraordinarily, coming to a place like Malta greets different people in different ways. This
sun-drenched Mediterranean archipelago, a staunch catholic bastion of olde, historically a
strategic trading-post in between Northern Africa and Europe has almost magically become
transformed into a ‘want-niche, live-niche’ place over the last 20 or so years.

It's traditional familiarity and hospitability have won over stifling social control and social
stigma. Religious dogma has been relegated to mere memory in favour of liberal laissez-faire
attitudes and lifestyles.

This has attracted and in turn been a further catalyst for people of all walks of life to settle
here and to love it because they feel liberated but still part of a community which doesn’t
sanction their way of life.

But beyond the social sphere, what is Malta about in the bigger picture for those who move

There are more articles than one can imagine about its pristine beaches, incredible history,
natural heritage, varied architecture, friendly people, cosmopolitan nightlife, its fine eateries
and the surprisingly high number of international personalities who have made Malta their

Malta is all about creating your own way of life and living it. A vibrant economy in fast and
positive transition means that there is almost zero unemployment, plenty of lucrative job
opportunities to choose from, investment in all sectors of the economy, feel-good factor, etc.
Everything you need AND WANT under the sun is less than an hour away. And then there’s
Malta’s sister island, Gozo, a paradise of natural unspoilt beauty, laid back living, idyllic
beaches, in other words, divine and sublime.

It’s all about location. It’s important to understand the various towns and regions of these
beautiful islands when moving to Malta. The capital, Valletta, a city built by gentlemen for
gentlemen is a gem of a city which has attracted many affluent and creative personalities, and
still does.

Sliema, St. Julian’s (both seaside towns) and the surrounding district is the more
cosmopolitan and fashionable location with lots of commercial, retail and touristic activity. If
you want to be right in the middle of all the action, you’ll want to stay right here.
The three cities on the other side of Valletta’s Grand Harbour are fortified cities dating back
at least five centuries which are a magnet for quirky, sometimes eccentric, but certainly
artistic folk and are reniassancing through urban regeneration projects.

Then there’s the South, consisting primarily of rural, residential and fishing towns, with their
own traditional character but mostly unattractive for cosmo folk.

The north part of Malta has the town of Mellieha’s Santa Maria Estate and a couple more
breath-taking exclusive residential locations which are hard to beat.


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