This is the List of the Maltese LGBTIQ+ NGOs (in alphabetical order) with links to their websites/facebook.

allied rainbow communities (arc) is an NGO that works mainly on Community Building, Pride and Sexual health. arc also owns and runs 

Drachma is the local LGBTIQ christian group. Drachma organises several well seminars and other activities mainly based around faith, spirituality and well being. 

DRACHMA Parents Group is a support group for Parents of LGBTIQ individuals.

The Gay straight alliance MCAST is a newly formed LGBTIQ+A organisation at MCAST 

LGBTIQ+ Gozo is the Gozitan LGBTIQ organisation, LGBTIQ+Gozo organises several activities and runs a youth drop in, in collaboration with Agenzija Zghazagh and MGRM 

Malta Gay Rights Movement was the first established LGBTIQ lobby group in Malta. MGRM was the main driver for many of the LGBTIQ rights achieved. MGRM runs many services including the National Gay Helpline. 

WE are is the university of Malta LGBTIQ students association, WE are organises several activities both on campus and outside..