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Clothing & Accessories by Nuvole
Zero Waste products by ReRoot
Artistic Consultancy
Culture Venture is a small creative enterprise based in Malta that makes big creative ideas work. We champion the arts and work with artists, arts organisations and creative professionals to develop their creative ideas into successful ventures. We offer a variety of services ranging from artist management and production, to funding support and training.
CBT Psychotherapy
Pscyhotherapy Sessions Online
Online dance classes with Dancelab
Hip Hop, Heels and Contemp Fusion - 2 classes a day for EUR5/1.5hrs
Book a photoshoot with Focus by Mr. V - Mention ARC and get a 10% discount
Shop Online with Parascandolo
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Order your Easter treats!
Order your Easter Figolli and other treats. You can pay cashfree via Revolut!
Photography by Kris Micallef
Photography by Kris Micallef

Personal, corporate & wedding photoshoots
Pamper yourself!
Visit and enter coupon code METIME to benefit from a 15% discount on our bath bombs, soaps, lotions and more !
(Not applicable on raw materials and treatments)


Do you remember the last had time you enjoyed a long relaxing bath, put up your feet or go through that old make-up that you planned to chuck away ages ago but never had the time?... Quarantine time is here; Time for pampering 😆
Order your veggie box with Diar il-Bniet!
Our Veggie Box 🍓🍎🍏🍇🥦🍆🍅🥕🥔🥚 is loaded with super fresh veggies from our estates in Dingli our dynamic €25 veggie includes:

1 box of strawberries approx 1kg
2 large aubergine approx 1kg
6 courgettes approx 1kg
1 Cauliflower approx 1kg
1 Cabbage approx 1kg
1 good sized Turnip
1 bunch of carrots approx 1kg
1 Broccoli approx 1kg
6 Dingli farm fresh eggs
6 Lemons
6 Oranges
Small bunch of celery (gratis)
Small bunch of parsley (gratis)

You can also add other products to you order such as pot
Balance Bowl Goodness
Our meal plan was carefully created to provide you with all you need to stay healthy and nourished every day. We made sure that our meal plan is high in fibre, proteins, good fats and vitamins and we didn’t forget about our guests who are gluten intolerant . Please share it with anyone you think would benefit from it and also remember that your support will help small businesses like ours to stay open in the future. Sending our love to everyone. ❤️❤️❤️
Charles & Ron
Charles & Ron ONLINE OUTLET.

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Prints & Shirts by Kim Cauchi
Currently selling some prints and shirts!
Prints are going for
- 12€ for 1
- 22€ for 2
- 30€ for 3
T shirts - S,M,L,XL
- 15€ sold separately
- 12€ if bought with a print or two
- 40€ for the entire 3x prints and 1x T shirt bundle.
All prices include local shipping! International orders will have a shipping rate of €5 standard or €10 registered ✨.
Considering times are tough and most ngos also had to shut down their doors and cancel fundraising events, I want to take this chance to donate 10€ off
Laugh with Chucky!
Laugh, buy merch, roast her...but leave a tip!
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Things are really tough for everybody right now. It seems surreal that only a couple of weeks ago, we worked, we partied, we planned our trips for summer and didn't feel guilty if we overspent for that much needed treat. YOLO right?


With CoVID-19 acting like the meteor that made the dinosaurs extinct, our social lives took a turn for the worst and as a result, every undertaking that makes us thrive as social beings had to shutdown. Understandably, social distancing seems to be the best preventive measure to keep the spread under control and our healthcare system capable to handle new cases.


The consequences are devastating. Employees have been asked to go on unpaid leave or laid off, and many micro to small business as well as artists who depend heavily on social gatherings are forced to shut down.


Many dreams and aspirations are being destroyed right now and our mental wellbeing is surely being put at stake. Now more than ever, we need to support one another and think as a collective rather than as an individual.


For those that are still in business but struggling to branch out their message we want to help! We are putting a list of artists/businesses that have already reached out and boosting this post with a paid ad. You can add yours too


If you're still getting a pay-check let's help them in the following:

  • If you can't attend dance/music/etc lessons, consider still paying and making it up later

  • If you're cancelling your bookings, buy a gift voucher now and use it later

  • Tip artists that are streaming live free shows to lighten up our spirits.

Drag Artists
Dental Care
Computer Services
Education / Courses
Events Management
Hair & Beauty
Health & Wellbeing
Legal Services
Photo / Video Services
Real Estate
Travel Services
Writing Services
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Join the Directory!

Allied Rainbow Communities (arc) is a non-profit organization (VO/1136) with the mission of empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals in Malta as well as find ways how the LGBTI community can contribute towards society.

Besides being the organisers of Malta Pride, we carry out various projects in the field of sexual health and economic empowerment. One such project we are currently developing is the Malta Pink Pages - an lgbt business friendly directory.

If you would like to be listed on our pink pages, it’s free, however to be approved on our listing, you need to fill in the requested information found below.

By registering your business with us you are confirming:

  1. The owner or 50%+1 of the employees are from the LGBT+ community; and/or

  2. We have an equal opportunity policy specifically encompassing sexual orientation and gender identity equality; and/or

  3. We provide equal spouse/partner benefits to all employees; and/or

  4. We deliver diversity training at least once a year to our employees / we have a diversity manager; and/or

  5. Our company has publicly expressed support towards the LGBTIQ+ community through pr & marketing.

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Allied Rainbow Communities

NGO Registered No. VO/1136

19, St. Mark Street, Valletta


Tel: +356 99272999

Contact Us