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I is for Intersex - Today is Intersex Awareness Day

Ever wondered what the "I" in LGBTIQ stands for? Do you know the difference between transgender and intersex? Today is Intersex Awareness Day and we will be looking into who is Intersex.

The lack of awareness about intersex people have led to stigma, isolation and ignorance about intersex people. Intersex refers to those whose bodies have sex characteristics which do not fit the typical definitions of male and female.

Studies show that intersex people make up to 1.7% of the population (in Malta, that would be +7,000 individuals, ie almost the population of Gzira)

Intersex people are subjected to unnecessary surgeries and medical treatments throughout their lives. Very few countries in the world have legal protections for intersex people, and only one country have stopped these unnecessary medical treatments: Malta (through the GIGESC Act).

Have a look at this short video by BuzzFeed in which Intersex individuals explain what it’s like to be Intersex..

On this Intersex Awareness Day, help support intersex people and the intersex movement worldwide by sharing and spreading the word.

For more information check:

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