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2016 LGBTIQ Highlights in Malta and around the World.

2016 is about to end, the arc and team has compiled month by month list of some LGBTIQ highlights that happened in Malta and around the world in 2016...


On new years day Estonia legalised civil unions and step-child adoption by same-sex couples.

David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 after suffering from liver cancer.



The Supreme Court of India decides to review criminalization of homosexuality.

Step-child and joint adoption by same-sex couples became legal in Portugal.

The Italian Senate approves a Civil Union bill in a 173–71 vote.


Philanthropist and axm club owner Haydn Pope, passes away at 49 years of age.


Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Greenland. The first same-sex couples were married on the same day.

The Constitutional Court of Colombia votes 6–3 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. The ruling had immediate effect and required civil notaries to marry any same-sex couples who sought to marry.

Musician Prince passes away at the age of 57.

Mr Gay World was held in Malta. The Winner was Mr Gay Spain, Roger Gozalbez.


Malta Ranks first in ILGA (LGBTIQ rights) Rainbow index. was launched, an LGBTIQ information Hub, listing all events, news and offering information to locals and tourists alike.

The Chamber of Deputies of Italy approved the Civil Union bill in a 372–51 vote.

Same-sex sexual activity was decriminalized in Nauru & Seychelles.


Over 900 people attend Pride Malta march in Valletta, a festive march closing Pride Week activities calling for Full Equality. The Pride Party at ARIA raised funds to fund Pride and LGBTIQ community projects.

Willa presented her book Truly Willa, to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Social Dialogue Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties. The book recounts Willa's story as a transgender child. (Photo the Malta Independent)

Shootings took place at Pulse a Gay Club in Orlando, 49 were killed and 53 were injured. The international gay community organised vigils around the world. In Malta Drachma

organised a vigil in St Julians.

Isle of Man introduced same-sex marriage.


Ben was the first child to be adopted by a Maltese same sex couple. (photo

allied rainbow communities (arc) presents donation to Health Minister Chris Fearne to fund training of staff and introduce new services at the GU Clinic.


Same-sex sexual activity was officially decriminalized by a high court decision in Belize.


Northern Ireland lifts its lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.


IGLYO Europe, held its members annual conference in Malta. 70 LGBTIQ youth activists attended and participated in the 3 day conference.

Gay Dj Pete Spirko passes away, aside from being a DJ, Pete will be remembered for volunteering to support to the local LGBTIQ community. The community raised funds to repatriate Pete home in Sučany, Slovakia.

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in the British Overseas Territory of the British Antarctic Territory.


Pro LGBTIQ rights campaigner and ally Jacqueline Azzopardi passes away at the age of 47. Jacqueline used to work hard to change attitudes towards LGBTIQ people and was a part of the LGBTIQ consultative council. (Photo Malta Today).


TV Personalities in Malta wear red ribbons on the 1st December taking part in arc and MGRM's world aids day initiatives.

Madonna remembers those she lost to AIDS crisis as she was crowned Billboard Woman of the Year 2016.

A bill that bans sexual orientation and gender identity conversion therapy was enacted in Malta along with amendments to the GIGESC Act, making Malta the first in Europe to introduce such laws.

Gay Icon, activist and supporter George Micheal passes away on Christmas day.

That was our roundup of 2016 did we miss anything? if so send us an email on so we can add it to this list! we wish you all the best prospects for 2017!

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