The Political Parties answer to arc & MGRM Questionnaire now online!

On Saturday 20th May arc & MGRM co-organised a public Q&A session titled "il-Manifest Elettorali u l-LGBTIQ".

The four main political parties participated in the Q&A session focused on LGBTIQ issues. The Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat*, Opposition Leader Dr Simon Busuttil, Ralph Cassar (AD) and Dr Godfrey Farrugia (PD) put forward their LGBTIQ electoral proposals and answered any questions from those present.

Prior to the debate, each party was sent a questionnaire with a list of legislative and policy proposals which arc & MGRM would like to be addressed in the next legislature.

The responses to the questionnaire including any comments, provisos or additional measures listed by the respective parties, can be found on: