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Of Self acceptance and love, by Claudio Cilia

Observation, If you had the pleasure of having me on your friends list for quite a while, then you should be fairly familiar with all that of which I have been trying to achieve this year, primarily by going through a journey towards self acceptance and embracing a better perception of myself. Achieving this by; being a more proactive citizen, eating healthier, taking better care of the environment, exercising a positive mindset and by remaining thoroughly truthful and honest with myself and all those whom I interact with in my daily life. In a way I feel that I have successfully managed to maintain this ‘track’ and reflecting back on my situation only a few months ago, I believe that I did a fairly good job. Regretfully along the way, within the past few months, I have encountered individuals whom indirectly and unintentionally were causing me to ‘de-rail’, stop progressing and shift my attention away from this journey. I also encountered an extraordinary person whom from the first day of acquaintance caused a major stir of emotions. This person unwillingly made me feel emotions of which I have never experienced before and as a result my moods and decision making were being negatively impacted. In a way it felt like when one says ‘building a castle on sand’. The lack of desired positive feedback turned into ‘lack of motivation’, skipping on personally set deadlines and targets resulted in depressive resentments once again. However, I truly dislike breaking promises and disappointing myself. It is true that I may have set a bar ‘too high’ and maybe it would be better to take personal matters more lightheartedly and with a pinch of salt. Having said that, if I set my mind to something, I make sure to not only achieve it but to achieve it well and so this is what I need to say: The moment you stop prioritizing yourself, your life will go downhill. It is good to be adventurous, open up and try new things but remember to hold tight to those who truly value you and above all, never neglect yourself. Do not let anyone have such an impact on your life, no matter how strongly you feel about them. I should also add, most definitely I do not want to to put anyone in any negative spotlight, my intentions have always been of positivity and genuinity. In conclusion, on a more funny note, I came to a realization that I’m basically Taylor Swift.. impact my emotions and I’ll write a song about you. 😆 Thank for you for reading and have a great day! ❤️ 

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