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Androgyny Fashion Show by MC Fashion and DRE'

On Sunday 6th October, 2019, Malta had a taste of androgynous fashion thanks to the creations of Malcolm Cremona and Andre Debattista. A fashion show was held at Villa Maria in Rabat, and our social media feeds could not stop from buzzing with excitement.

Andre Debattista, as many of you may know, has a unique sense of style that does not really fit in any stereotype. His unhealthy obsession for bags and all things fashion lead him to start his own collection and to let others join his movement – that of defying rules on a daily basis when it comes to fashion. In fact this is part of his brand named, apart being a short version of his name - DRE stands for defying rules everyday. Andre' firmly believes in gender bending when it comes to fashion, that is why his bags are not gender specific 

On the other hand, Malcolm Cremona's collection is the true brainchild of its designer, going back to when he presented his thesis with the same name. This was criminally rejected because of the unorthodox theme at that time. This was not the first, or last time Malcolm’s sense of fashion was met with close doors, but this has never stopped his relentless drive. In fact, this continued to fuel his desire to spark change and inspire breaking social norms, and this event is just testament of that.  

Cremona just wants to drive it home that you are free to wear what you’re comfortable in, - “if you like it rock it!”  and Fashion has NO GENDER
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