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Written by Joanne Bugeja

In the heavenly sky above, among God's archangels was Lucas. He was clothed in celestial silver clouds, wore stars on his feet, had the moon for a crown and bestowed a gentle waterfall of graces among the faithful. He was of a beauty so rare, the Morning Star was envious and vowed to disgrace and dishonour this beautiful angel. His seething resentment led Aurora's son to morph into a chiselled golden haired Adonis in a bid to seduce Lucas and banish him from heaven.

Lucas stumbled across Kristoph crying disconsolately. He showed Lucas his broken wing and said the Dark One had tried to break into Heaven's Gates and almost tore out his wings with his poisonous spear. Lucas tried to console Kristoph and gently bandaged his wounds. His tears of empathy fell onto Kristoph’s bloody wing and healed his pain. Kristoph threw himself into Lucas’s arms and confessed his love for him. He looked deeply into Lucas’s cerulean eyes, his seductive deep set grey eyes gleaming as he wiped the tears away from his handsome face. He put his hand over Lucas’s heart and told him how much his kindness had touched his soul to the very core. Lucas’s bright sky blue eyes lit up and Kristoph smiled kindly at him. Kristoph brought his face closer to his, his full sultry lips slightly parted and captured Lucas’s lips with his own.

Lucas was bewildered, pushed Kristoph aside and reprimanded him,"We must not engage in frolics. We are here to serve God and be a guiding light to the faithful."

Kristoph blushed and got down on his knees, tears pooled in his hypnotic grey eyes as he pleaded for Lucas’s forgiveness. He said, "One request I pray do not deny me. Allow me to offer you some freshly squeezed grapes as a token of my appreciation."

Kristoph handed Lucas a golden chalice, encrusted with emeralds and rubies. Lucas found himself incapable of hurting Kristoph’s feelings, given the vulnerable state he was in, so he drank heartily from his cup.

Upon drinking the last drop, he found himself overcome with the overwhelming desire to possess Kristoph. Lucas pulled him closer to him and whispered, "Stay with me. Tonight you belong to me." They made love until dawn. Enraptured, Lucas buried his face in Kristoph’s glistening tight, toned chest and pledged his undying love and devotion to him.

"My loyalties lie first and foremost with you, my beloved." Kristoph smiled boyishly, gently stroked Lucas’s silky blond hair and coyly gave him an affectionate kiss.

Little did Lucas know that Kristoph had enchanted those fresh grapes with a potent love potion.

While Lucas was sleeping, Kristoph morphed back into Lucifer, who hastily requested an audience with God to report Lucas's transgressions. Feeling angered by Lucas's betrayal, God decided he should be stripped of his title of archangel and be sent to earth as a mortal. One of God's most trusted angels, Hope had witnessed Lucifer's trickery. Having watched him morph into the seductive curly haired Kristoph, she intervened and told God what truly happened and how envious Lucifer had manipulated Lucas to replace him as archangel.

The Lord decided to give a more lenient punishment and sent Lucas to earth for 150 years in which he had to perform 150 good deeds. Only then would he be able to return to heaven and claim his rightful position as Chief of Archangels.

Lucifer was unanimously found guilty of high treason. Disgraced for his treachery, enviousness and pride, he was banished to the underworld for all eternity.

Credits by Joanne Bugeja

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Aug 24, 2021

Wow I loved this! So well written.





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