BEWARE Dating App Users - GPAV is a Fraudulent Website

Updated: Feb 13

We received reports from our community that they're being scammed via Dating apps.

They were asked to provide a GPAV report before meeting via


Url / Website:

Scam contents: Supposedly a identity verification service to make online dating/meeting safer for at risk LGBTQ people

This is a particularly disgusting scam targeting at risk and traumatized LGBTQ people. They have a very convincing website and fake profiles to lure people in.

A very convincing and attractive online profile with a realistic sob story of victimization contacted me and said he wanted to meet but wanted me to sign up for a"GPAV" first. It is supposedly a identity verification service to make online dating/meeting safer.

They have numerous websites requiring a $2.00 transaction to create a "verified" profile.

They are specifically targeting people who have experienced abuse, rape, sexual harassment, online dating fraud and intentionally exploiting these people's feelings of being at risk.