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Luke Brincat

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Today we are welcoming our third participant - dancer Luke Brincat

"Everyday Heroes. What a beautiful title to be accustomed to! How? Being as basic as anyone else on this planet I’ve learnt that we all have a special kind of magic called - inspiration. Some way or another, our mainstream selves will inspire others - ALWAYS!

The past couple of years I’ve dedicated myself to not just dance - but also sharing my stories, my insights and lame, plain me on social platforms. On a daily basis I have been grateful for my past - being overweight and verbally abused, just for having few extra kilos. I won’t say it was easy to cope with, as the mental manipulation still affects me nowadays..

Yes, just a little chubby - but the crazily exaggerated comments made me feel like I was 10 times bigger - to an extent where I believed it. To an extent that when I drastically started losing so much weight I was reaching borderline of being underweight. However when I looked into the mirror and I still saw that same chubby teen who wanted to lose more numbers off the scale.

Yet, to this day I understand that this person looking back at me is who keeps me pushing harder, and getting back on track whenever I lose it slightly.

Thank you dear ex-high school students for empowering me, to not just reach my own limits, but help my followers reach theirs too #BEYOU. Always."

- Luke

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