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Malta will be intervening at EU Level regarding a law that goes against LGBTIQ+ rights.

Malta will intervene in the case opened by the European Commission regarding a propaganda law that came into effect in Hungary, which violates the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ+ people.

The case currently before the Court of Justice of the European Union concerns a law introduced in Hungary that prohibits the display of individuals with LGBTIQ+ identities. The amendments to this law impose various prohibitions and restrictions on the promotion or representation of gender identities that do not align with sex assigned at birth, sex reassignment, or homosexuality.

The European Commission holds the view that the provisions of this law violate various fundamental human rights, including human dignity, freedom of expression and information, and the right to respect for private life. Additionally, the law is considered to violate the right to non-discrimination, as enshrined in the Charter of the European Union of Fundamental Rights. It is further argued that this law runs counter to the common values shared by members of the European Union.

Given Malta’s significant role as the country with the most laws and policies promoting LGBTIQ+ equality, and having remained at the top of the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map for seven consecutive years, it has decided to join other member states of the European Union in supporting the European Commission’s position in this case. This decision was taken in light of Malta’s IDAHOT declaration in 2021, which reiterated its support for legal steps taken by European institutions in their commitment to protect human rights.

“Malta has some of the most progressive and inclusive laws and policies, which protect the rights of LGBTIQ+ individuals and serve as an example and inspiration for other countries to follow, so that no one is left behind. This progress will be celebrated in September as Malta hosts Europride, providing an opportunity to reiterate our commitment to achieving greater equality,”

Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Buttigieg said.

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