• Mr V

Reb Xiberras

I would like to welcome Reb into Everyday Hero team. Thank for joining us and sharing your story.

"Have you ever felt shame? So much shame that you wanted to go in a corner and cry? So much shame that you wanted to go sleep and never wake up? When I was 13, I attempted suicide. I've never said this out loud in public or in any interview. Why? Shame. It's ironic in a way; the attempted suicide was because of shame. Shame of my depression. Shame of my gender. Shame of my sexual orientation. Shame of my confusion. Shame for not fitting in. And now I carry shame for the shame I felt. I carry shame that I wanted out of life. Shame for having a good life. Shame for having support. Shame for not feeling Shame. This project brings together two important things in my life: Mental health and Queer Activism. I chose not to be ashamed anymore. Today I speak out. Mental health is important. Queer activism is important. Today courage trumps shame, for today we might struggle, tomorrow we try again."

- Reb