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Reflections #AllWelcome - by Michael S

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

On a positive note, I love how everybody thinks this isn't necessary in Malta. How many believe we live in a world where nobody discriminates against this community. Many of the comments are ill-informed, but maybe because commentors have never experienced the same things as many others. Or maybe only because of how this initiative was launched. This initiative is nothing new. These stickers exist all over the world (yep even in gay meccas like San Francisco, Miami, Paris, London...) as a very simple way for businesses (who themselves choose) to express that they are warm and welcoming to the LGBTQ community. If you are part of the community and have stepped one foot off of this island then you already know that, but may have forgotten. Just because YOU have never been discriminated against doesn't mean OTHERS haven't been. And just because YOU personally don't discriminate, do you think everybody is so open minded? Just because YOU think that every business in Malta is open to the LGBTQ community doesn't mean they are (and I can tell you there are many who aren't). Just because YOU feel comfortable asking for a King Size bed for you and your same-sex partner doesn't mean EVERYBODY is comfortable. Or just because YOU are open to hosting same-sex couples doesn't mean EVERY hotel owner/mgmt is. Yes, Malta has made great strides for which it is and should be applauded, but don't get on your "don't label me" horse without understanding the facts. Discrimination still exists. Just because there's a law against it doesn't mean people abide by it. If that were the case there'd be no pollution, better drivers, safer construction sites and so on. Communication about this initiative probably could have been much better. Or maybe not at probably wouldn't have even noticed. But the tiny sticker on the restaurant window that the poor woman from rural Alabama would see when visiting Valletta with her girlfriend would see it and feel safer, more welcome. The trans guy who isn't comfortable getting his beard cut might feel just slightly more welcome. Your son or daughter might be a lot less concerned about going to a place that could "out" them to their friends.

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