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REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS - Production of Promotional Video for EuroPride 2023 Malta Bid

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC), organisers of Malta Pride, have submitted their bid to host EuroPride in 2023. The Bid has reached the final stages and the winning host will be announced at the EPOA Annual General Meeting in October 2020 following a presentation of the Bids. (More info here)

As part of the presentation of the bid, ARC would like to present a promotional video that encapsulates the bid and what EuroPride 2023 in Malta proposed to deliver in a professional and inspirational manner.

ARC will commission a reputable service provider (hereinafter referred to as ‘the successful bidder’) to provide services and other logistical arrangements for the production of promotional video.

Production of Promotional Video

The successful bidder shall assume responsibility for scripting, producing, filming, editing and outputting one (1) high-quality promotional video clip consisting of 120-seconds max.

The video can include the English and Maltese spoken languages with English subtitles.

The promotional video shall utilise an integration of footage and graphics. More specifically, the winning bidder will also be accountable for the following:

i) Providing the concepts of the video in liaison with ARC;

ii) Creating a script and storyboard

iii) Creating a 120-second clip

iv) Providing actors (if necessary);

v) Providing English subtitles;

vi) Integration of extracts of the filming with graphical animation;

vii) Graphics for the Intro and Conclusion of the video

viii) Providing an appropriate music bed and sound effects;

ix) Including disclaimers and logos;

x) Proof reading of all the visual text shown on the clip

xi) Ensuring that the video is outputted in the proper broadcast quality (based on providing appropriate original footage files) to be aired eventually on diverse platforms

xii) Ensuring that the video file is compatible for website and social media quality;

xiii) Producing and supplying a copy of the video to ARC.

The copyright and any other intellectual property rights arising from this activity and all other activities carried out under this project shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Allied Rainbow Communities.


  • Date of Publication: 7th August 2020

  • Deadline for Submission of Quotations: 21st August 2020

  • Submission of Final Version of Promotional Video: 25th September 2020

Method of Submission of Quotations

  • Quotations will only be accepted directly from the service providers.

  • Quotations received from intermediaries will not be accepted.

  • Negotiations will be conducted directly with the service providers.

  • Quotation are to be submitted via email on by not later than the stipulated deadline as indicated in the Timetable.

  • Late submissions will be rejected and will not be evaluated. No liability will be accepted for rejection of late Quotations.

Validity of Quotation: 90 Days

In no circumstances will ARC be liable for damages, whatever their nature (in particular damages for loss of profits) or relationship to the cancellation of a quotation, even if ARC has been advised of the possibility of damages.

Any personal data submitted in the framework of the procurement procedure and/or subsequently included in the contract shall be processed pursuant to GDPR. It shall be processed solely for the purposes of the performance, management and follow-up of the procurement procedure and/or subsequent contract by ARC without prejudice to possible transmission to the bodies charged with a monitoring or inspection task in conformity with National and/or Community law.

Update: 10 August 2020

The below are simply ideas of the artistic vision for the bidding video

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