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Statement by MGRM #AllWelcome

Whilst the AllWelcome/IlkollMerhba campaign was not an MGRM initiative, we are aware of the various reactions and have in fact been contacted by several people, most of whom are members of the LGBTIQ+ community, in order to ask for our position on the matter. The principles of this campaign as listed on go beyond attaching a sticker or the use of a logo. Rather, our understanding is that the campaign has focused not just on ensuring that businesses do not refuse services to anyone regardless of who they are. The campaign seeks to promote respect for human dignity (not just LGBTIQ+ individuals), representation of our diverse culture in publicity campaigns and equal opportunities for all employees in order to ensure that everyone works in an inclusive and accepting environment. It is undeniable that these principles are all commendable and we are convinced that the intention of this campaign has never been to apply labels or to humiliate people. Likewise, we understand that several individuals felt offended by the use of the sticker. We are committed to pass on every message to those who have worked on this campaign in order to ensure that the focus does not fall on the #AllWelcome sticker, but on the universal principles of respect, equality and diversity in all aspects of life.

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