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Tristan Zammit feat. Trihanna Wildé snaps back at the ex-lgbt's attacks with their latest art!

Tristan Zammit and his drag persona Trihanna Wildé have been working us overtime lately as we try to catch up with their content, and we mean WOW WHAT DEDICATION!

Trihanna Wildé has always been an activist type of Drag - using art and performance to pass on an important messages of encouragement & love with no space for hate.

In this original video, we see Tristan as himself represented by elements of femininity and masculinity on either side. Tristan shows us his longing to play drag but had held back because of society's expectations. On his body we see hate words like "sinner", "broken", "weird" - terms used by ex-lgbt members in Malta who are part of an evangelical sect. Terms which are used to break down LGBTQ people into depression and other mental health problems.

Tristan takes a stand and starts undoing himself of these words and cuts out the word 'ex-lgbt' to just leave LGBT - meaning you don't choose to be queer but you choose whether to accept it or not - and if you want to play with heels and dresses, go ahead and do it! Live your truth!

For Tristan, wearing drag is like a superpower cape that is able to undo the damage caused by these people.

Tristan is using his creativity and talent to pass on an important message:

The ex-lgbt people need to stop attacking our community, no matter how gently they do it, and trying to convince queer people that they can change. He fears for people close to him that might sway them to feel self-doubt on who they are.

Tristan also shared his personal experience with us by saying that he had been approached multiple times by people of the ex-lgbt community trying to persuade him, in a very loving way, to stop his drag and join them.

Their message is a powerful one:

Stereotypes and religious beliefs. They form and manipulate our lives in various ways, only if we let them.
Why can't I wear heels and wigs? God is watching and they're for girls.
What am I doing wrong? Putting on makeup and not embracing your masculinity. It’s the work of the devil and you are going to hell. - As a Drag Performer, these are statements shoved in my face via private messages. You can praise God all you want but just know that your God isn't my God. My God loves me and my talents. Your God doesn't approve of my skills. You 'converted' from gay to straight with God's power. Good for you. I don't mind. What I do mind however, is the moment these people attack individuals in the community and try to manipulate people into 'converting for God' and stop doing what they love. Save your prayers for those who are in need and not members of the LGBTIQA+ Community. I am creative, loved, talented, happy, valued and strong, but most importantly, I AM ME <3 - Directed and produced by: Tristan Zammit Assisted by: Samwel Bondin, Samuel Sacco, Nicole Aquilina MUSIC “I AM ME” by Fearless Soul

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