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March & Concert

The Pride March

Saturday 14th September 2019

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  •  Everyone is welcome to join us for the Pride March & Concert. This is a Family-Friendly Pride!

  • If you are coming as a group from an organisation, please register here by not later than 1st September 2019

  • People are highly recommended to gather at 5.00pm at The Granaries (Il-Fossos) in Floriana. That's where the fun really starts!

  • A number of Floats, Performances, Giveaways and Speeches will take place at this location before the March commences.

  • The march will finish at St. George's Square in Valletta and a Free Concert will proceed until 11pm.

  • The Official Pride After-Party by S2S Events (17+ only) will take place at Gianpula Fields in Rabat from 10.30pm onwards.


  • Throw plastic/glass or leave them behind you. Littering is strictly prohibited!

  • Release any balloons in the air.

  • Throw plastic confetti.

  • Serve alcohol to individuals under 17 years old.

  • Wear idecent clothing, strip naked or come in topless attire. National Laws are to be respected. 



Commute to Pride using Public Transport, Bicycle or Electric Vehicles. Offer a ride to others when using your own car.

The release of floating balloons is STRICTLY prohibited! They will cause serious harm to sealife.

Float Contingents should make use of recycled material.

Consumers of food/drinks are encouraged to re-use cutlery/plates/cups and AVOID PLASTIC STRAWS!

Promoters are encouraged to distribute Eco-friendly & reusable giveaways/freebies.

Reuse banners from past marches

Use paper confetti, eco-glitter (avoid plastic)

Less Paper More Digital Promotional Leaflets/Tickets

Freely distributed water bottles should encourage recycle/reuse 

Food/Drink Vendors are encouraged to serve  by the draft/dispensers

The Pride Concert


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Allied Rainbow Communities

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