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Wednesday 10 January 2024

Time: 18:30hrs - 20:30hrs
Venue: The Volunteer Centre, Melita Street, Valletta / via Google Meet

Dear Members & Friends,


We would like to invite you to attend and be part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Allied Rainbow Communities taking place on Wednesday 10 January 2024. The AGM will be held in a hybrid format. A Google Meet link will be sent to all paid up members. 

We would like you to Belong and be a part of ARC. As a member you can be part of the Growth of the organisation and Contribute by voting for the goals, projects and future decisions ARC is planning to undertake as part of its mission.


Only paid-up members are eligible to contest and vote for a position on the ARC executive committee.

To check if your membership is paid, please check your virtual membership card via CARDSKIPPER app or get in touch with our memberships coordinator Kyle Ginn on You may renew your membership here

Board Positions


  • In line with the Statute, a maximum of 9 candidate members will form part of the Executive Committee.

  • Each paid-up member will be emailed a digital secret ballot to vote for their preferred candidates.

  • Voting will be open between Friday 5th January at 00.00 hrs until Wednesday 10th January 12pm. Results will be announced at the AGM. 

  • The member gaining the most 1st preference votes will be given the right of first refusal for the position of president, or else they may nominate someone else from the elected board. 

  • The member gaining the 2nd most 1st preference votes will be given the right of first refusal for the position of deputy president, or else they may nominate someone else from the elected board.

  • All other positions will be decided by the elected board. 


The more diverse our executive board is, the better we can represent our different communities and realities. 


Expression of interest to contest for the executive committee can be effected by filling in the candidacy form online. Nomination sheets must be received by noon Wednesday 3rd January, 2024

Motions or amendments to the Statute for the consideration of the AGM.


As a paid-up member you also have the right to put forward motions (with a view to influencing the direction that the organisation is to take and to mandate the Committee to take appropriate action) as well as to submit amendments to the Statute and which is available upon request). Deadlines for submitting motions or amendments is by noon of Wednesday 3rd January, 2024. 


The Agenda for the AGM can be found here.


Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


The ARC Executive Team of 2023

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Time: 18:30hrs - 20:30hrs
Venue: Volunteer Centre, Valletta / Online via Google Meet

  1. Appointment of AGM Chairperson & Secretary 

  2. Presentation and Approval of Annual Report 2023

  3. Presentation of arc work plan 2024

  4. Nomination and presentation of the candidates for the new Executive Committee

  5. Election of the candidates for the Posts (if applicable) 

  6. Appointment of Reviewer of Accounts 

  7. Appointment of Lawyer 

  8. Motions presented by the Committee or other arc members

The 2024 Executive Candidates

Moussa Hammoud (He/Him)

Having lived most of my life hiding my true authentic identity from my family and society in my home country - Lebanon - and following a humiliating detention experience at the police for finding a photo of me at another arrested gay man's profile; I found myself in Malta and realized what it means to be visible, respected, valued, protected, and supported.


I've been in the board of ARC, holding the secretary position, for nearly 6 years. In these years i have felt rewarded by the fact that i in every effort i made, and every step i took - along with my colleagues - have impacted someone's life positively and that i have helped someone out there to hope, smile, feel safe, entertained, to dream of a better future, and to believe in the collective cause that needs now more than ever.


My candidacy has been, and still is, a way for giving back to the community which embraced me, and a loud proud scream in the face of those who humiliated me for being gay.

Kyle Ginn-Hudson (They/Them)

After the rollercoaster year that was 2023, I am happy to be running for the ARC executive committee again.


Originally from England, I have been living in Malta now for 5 and a half years. Throughout that time, I have always been actively involved with ARC, from being a volunteer in 2018 to becoming the volunteer coordinator and then the memberships coordinator most recently in 2023. I believe that I have already contributed a lot to ARC so far and that my contribution is not yet done. Let's make 2024 another amazing year together!


In my free time I am an avid reader and love exploring the islands. I am also taking a course on learning Maltese.

Maria Azzopardi (She/Her)

Following the months of being part of the Executive Committee of ARC, my motivation to be on this committee continues to be that of wanting to give back to the community, promoting equality through education, awareness and more. 

The past year being on the committee has been a challenging and exciting one and with all its ups and downs I have learned a lot from it. I would like to continue on this journey within the committee with the newly gained experiences and lessons that have come with the delivery of major projects on behalf of ARC. 

It has been humbling to be trusted with the positions that I have held in ARC so far and I look forward to continue working for the community in whatever form possible.

Michael Owen (He/Him)

Having been an active member of ARC since 2017 and Vice President for the last 3 years, I wish to continue to help and support the whole board to keep on, keeping on. I have been organising Pride events since 2007 both in the UK and Malta and we recently completed EuroPride Valetta 2023, hosting the biggest, longest and most amazing Pride event ever to be held in Malta. Now we need to keep working on this amazing legacy and I believe I can be one of the people able to assit with this.

Graziella Scerri (She/Her)

As the past 3 years that I have been part of this Committee has been fulfilling I strive to give more to the community.

Denise Aquilina (She/Her)

Having been on executive board for the past 3 years it has been an exciting journey, my motivation is to continue giving back to the community, raising awareness and being there for those in need. 

2023 has brought a lot of challenges and obstacles, working together as 1 team has helped to achieve an amazing result for EuroPride and all it’s events. This has been a learning journey for all and we are prepared to celebrate 20 years of Pride in 2024.


Thank you all for trusting me to be part of this committee and I look forward for 2024 to continue working together :)

Fran Vella (She/Her)

I formed part of the ARC committee between 2020 and 2022 and look forward to be able to continue giving back to our wonderful LGBTIQ+ community through my experience in the field of social media and PR. My aim is to work with a strong ARC team to bring about wider engagement and ensure that our message resonates effectively within the LGBTIQ+ community, as well as among allies and the broader public. Should I join the ARC committee again, I would be able to create meaningful opportunities for growth across the diverse spectrum of our community in Malta and Gozo.

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