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Who We Are & What We Do

ARC was founded out of a need to create a sense of community. Malta has come a long way with equality reforms and civil liberties, but we believe laws & rights are only one part of the equation. Our main areas of work include: Pride, Communications, Community Engagement and Networking. 


To reach out across all the colours of our Rainbow and beyond, whilst promoting further growth in our Communities and creating opportunities for giving back to society with our target group being LGBTIQ+
people and allies on the Maltese Islands.

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To make the Maltese Islands a highly attractive and dynamic destination for LGBTIQ+ people to visit, work and live in. 

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By becoming a member, you're supporting our work and strengthening the LGBTIQ+ community in Malta

Meet the Team

Fran Vella

Fran Vella

Memberships Coordinator

Graziella Scerri

Graziella Scerri

Community Coordinator

Michael Owen

Michael Owen

Pride Coordinator

Maria Azzopardi

Maria Azzopardi


Denise Aquilina

Denise Aquilina


Kyle Ginn

Kyle Ginn


Moussa Hammoud

Moussa Hammoud


Our Project Showcase

EuroPride Valletta 2023

We Exist

Allied Rainbow Communities is proud to be launching its first book publication entitled "We Exist: Narratives of LGBTQ+ Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Malta".

Friday Night Fever Series

Friday Night Fever Series were created during Malta's partial-lockdown between April and June 2020. 

A number of key speakers were invited to speak online on a number of topics that are of interest to the LGBTIQ Community. 

Pink Directory

LGBTIQ Health Study in Malta (2016)

Allied Rainbow Communities had conducted an in-depth analysis of health issues prevalent in the LGBTIQ+ Communities.

Social Gatherings

Malta Pride

'Are you Proud?' Screening

Are You Proud? | Ashley Joiner's LGBTQI+ Documentary Is Asking All The Questions We Won't
LGBTQI+ rights and their attached histories are rife with passion. Ashley Joiner’s ponderous documentary, Are You Proud? casts a lens over every hue of the rainbow by bringing to light the past of our community’s struggles for acceptance and understanding.

Read more here:

COVID19 Support

LGBTI Awards

Eurovision Final Night Screenings

Empowerment for Diversity (E4D)

The project focuses on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics and gender expression. The project is designed around Malta’s unique situation in the LGBTIQ+ field whereby in the past 5 years, Malta has passed several important laws thereby placing it at the forefront of the LGBTIQ+ rights. Given the significant changes which came about in a relatively short time span, NCPE has identified the need to address the societal and cultural impact.

Virtual Membership Card

Trans Inclusive Tips for the Workplace

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure that all your staff, regardless as to whether they propose to undergo, are undergoing, or have undergone gender reassignment, do not suffer discriminatory treatment at work, and it’s best practice to ensure that all trans staff are able to reach their full potential. Our tips in this document will guide you.

Sexual Health Campaign

The campaign funded by the Malta LGBTI Community Awards 2015 aims to:

1) Encourage people to talk about the subject.

2) Remind people to play safely and responsibly.

3) Encourage people to get tested to know their status and get treatment if needed.

(Studies show that 9/10 SAIs (sexually acquired infections) are acquired via people who do not know their status as people who know their status and are being treated are less likely to infect others)

4) Challenge misconceptions and stigma around these issues.

5) Reduce the alarming increase in SAI transmission. (A study by arc shows that a trend of 57% HIV annual increase in MSM has been ongoing since 2009. Currently 5+ new HIV cases per month are being detected)

Country Walks




Registered Voluntary Organisation Number: 1136


Volunteer Centre, 181,

Melita Street, Valletta.

VAT: MT23042632



+356 9927 2999

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