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Ramon Azzopardi Fiott, also known as RAFiott, has collaborated with Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC) to create the official merchandise collection. The collection features six commissioned designs, each representing a colour from the pride flag, focusing on Maltese culture and Queer identities. The series' style is inspired by RAFiott's 2021 MeliTENSION Collection, which was exhibited at MUŻA, and occasionally references specific works from that collection.


RAFiott is a local queer digital artist whose works explore the multifaceted theme of identity. His art ranges from introspective self-portraits to surreal creatures with deep semiotic significance. Through his complex relationship with the island, RAFiott produces art that reflects a distinctly queer and Maltese perspective.


The rainbow flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, has represented the queer community since the 1970s, particularly after the assassination of Harvey Milk. The six-colour pride flag we use today is a modification of the original which also featured hot pink. The remaining colours have retained their original meaning.


Red symbolises life.


In the spirit of EuroPride, RAFiott brings you a bright and special T-shirt design that tells a story of Malta's history and culture. This design brings together two important symbols of the island: the beloved traditional buses that once filled our streets & the form of a Renaissance dolphin - a motif scattered throughout the Maltese aesthetic.


The inspiration for this T-shirt is RAFiott's 2019 artwork “Tal-Linja”. Red | ARC X RAFiott focuses on how the classic fleet was iconic of life on the island. The Renaissance dolphin can be found in old maps and architectural features. During Malta’s independence era, the motif was heavily incorporated into local design, having been adopted as a symbol of the nation in its own right.

This design also features "tberfil," a local traditional form of signwriting and pattern decoration that's sadly becoming less common. Such careful and detailed work requires deep love. When you wear this T-shirt during and after EuroPride, you're celebrating Malta's rich past and the love that connects us all.


Discover Ramon Azzopardi Fiott's art at

Red | ARC X RAFiott

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