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MALTA MEP 2019 Elections:

 Candidates' Standing on LGBTQ+ Measures

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  • On 26 March 2019, we emailed all MEP candidates contesting in Malta to see their standing on issues relevant for the LGBTQ+ community;

  • Candidates had until 15 April 2019 to reply to the survey;

  • 20 Candidates replied:

    • 10 from the Labour Party,

    • 2 from the Democratic Party,

    • 2 Independent,

    • 1 from the Alternattiva Demokratika,

    • 5 from the Nationalist Party.

  • 1 Candidate from the Labour Party was against uplifting the ban on Men who have sex with Men (MSM) to donate blood. 

  • 3 Candidates (1 Independent & 2 from the PN) had reservations with regards to issues pertaining to Reproductive Health Services, not against LGBTQ+ equal treatment per se, but on issues such as abortion and surrogacy. ARC has explained in further detail how this measure is understood in line with W.H.O & Amnesty International. 

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