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10 Maltese Music Videos that promote LGBTQ+ Representation

Malta has come a long way when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights and life in general and this is also being reflected in the production of local music videos. To be fair, a number of these have been in circulation before Malta took the bold step in the right direction.

So here goes our selection:

10) Hafi Paci Kuluri by The Travellers

If you haven't noticed, those nuns are forming the 6 colours of the Pride Flag (well close enough) and for that they earn enough points to make it to our Top 10 for LGBTQ+ Representation! The song is catchy, fun, camp and original.

9) Rocket by Miriana Conte

Miriana has such an attitude when she sings and we love it! We want to see more of her face in any upcoming music video she sings. Besides, in the song Rocket she is not afraid to show her true colours as she addresses her song to a girl.

8) Bad Habits by Ira Losco

Ira is definitely showing us her sinner side in this music video from her album of 'No Sinner No Saint'. We love it as it gives us much fetish vibes. Well OK straight people have fetishes too but queer people tend to embrace it more positively! Thank you Ira for sticking out your neck always when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues.

7) Taboo by Christabelle

Taboo's predominant theme is about Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community is known to be more prone to suffer from challenges like anxiety, minority stress and depression. Christabelle's taboo brings out a Queer vibe in her music video's characters which bewitches us. Taboo was Malta's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in 2018.

6) Catwalk by Jo Zette

For some time, we've had a very promising Drag Queen 'Jo Zette' in Malta impersonated by the talented Ray Calleja who could have very well made it as a candidate to Ru Paul's Drag Race if he still performed when the TV Reality Show started. Catwalk is all about the kitsch, the bold and the beautiful. If you have it! Flaunt it!

It's a pity the quality of the video is so poor!

5) Desire by Claudette Pace

Desire remains an iconic tune to this day, especially amongst the LGBTQ community. This was Malta's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 2000. As such, the music video does not feature any drag queens or speak for the LGBTQ but you can pretty much see all the colours of the rainbow and lots of fanfare with much gusto. For those who don't know Malta so well, Claudette Pace is now known as Claudette Buttigieg and she is a Member of Parliament.

4) Xewqti by Janice Mangion

Xewqti's lyrics are about treating everyone with love and respect, irrelevant of one's background, including one's sexual orientation and gender identity. Cyber bullying is a major theme which comes out from this song. In the music video, we get a silhouette of a gay couple feeling comfortable enough to give us ome PDA.

3) Just Need You by Carlo Gerada ft. Yazmin Helledie

The summer hit that gave us good feel vibes in 2017. The music video offers representation to a wide range of couples including the power couple Glenn & Kurt.

2) Diamond by Clinton Paul

Clinton Paul must be the love child of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. His gender bending personae raises so many eyebrows locally but he has our utmost respect for not giving in to other people's critique as he continuously reinvents himself in any of his music video. Diamond is a pure example of his creative & queer vision.

1) One Life by Glen Vella

Malta's entry to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest - One Life, by Glen Vella is definitely our winner when it comes to representing LGBTQ visibility and representation with a wide spectrum of queer characters.

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