€95 a month for PrEP is a BAD idea!...and PEP needs to be FREE!

Allied Rainbow Communities was pleased to see that the Health Authorities in Malta are finally introducing the distribution of PrEP in Malta through pharmacies.

It is unfortunate to learn, however, that the price at which a box containing 30 pills of PrEP will be sold in Malta, will be at no less than €95!

This is certainly not the way forward to promote healthier sex amongst adults and in no way will reduce new cases of HIV! The price is inhibitive for anyone and surely not an incentive whatsoever for mid & low-level income individuals. The private companies that will invest in importing such medication will surely put them at a loss.

Furthermore we urge the Government to waive off any fees in relation to PEP (where patients are usually charged in the range of €550) as this is a time-sensitive emergency treatment that is clearly putting additional burdens to patients seeking help whilst putting on further stigma on living a sexually healthy lifestyle.