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An Impactful Message Which Needs to be Heard

New Record Release, ‘Invisible’ by Stefan Varga

The name Stefan Varga may not (yet) be familiar to the masses within the Malta and European pop music scene, however he’s on the fast track to carving out a name for himself. His most meaningful track to date is about to be released this January 23rd, 2021, ‘​Invisible’​, which can be streamed from his ​Spotify artist page and ​YouTube channel, to start.

Originally from Slovakia, Stefan has lived and travelled around the world during the last decade, now calling Malta home for the past four years. It is likely many know him already as ‘Mr. V’, a successful and incredibly talented photographer specializing in weddings, lifestyle shoots and the likes. But this is not his only persona, nor is it the one with most relevance or impact.

For the past year, Stefan has made a grand entrance onto the Maltese music scene, which is exclusive in its own right. Working with Maltese music producer and music legend, Toby Farrugia, Varga previously launched his first single​ ‘Turn Around’ ​at the end of 2020. Stefan has already made it onto the Malta Radju top 20 charts with his second single, ​‘This is the Time’ alongside The Clintess. ​‘Invisible’,​ written and produced by Toby Farrugia, will be Varga’s lucky number three release - ​And the underlying message couldn’t have come at a better moment.

While Stefan Varga has proved thus far, his skill and passion only grows with each new release. ‘​Invisible’​ is about to take that a sizable step forward. The lyrics, which could even better be described as a story, tells the truth of not only Varga’s life but so many others who have been down the very same road.

As the track name suggests, ‘​Invisible’​ is an ironic representation of the experiences and outside influences which brought Varga to where he is today (on a path where he is true to himself). For starters, being a part of the LGBTQI community and growing up in Slovakia proposed its own challenges. Having pressure from family and society to be in what is deemed as a ‘successful’ career niche led him to various career choices, where much of the time he felt ‘invisible’ and not fulfilling his ultimate path of happiness.

And is he really alone in this feeling and common societal pressure? This song truly deserves its recognition because it is simply not only about Varga’s journey - It is a message that at one time or another, is ​something we can all relate to​. There is still much progress which needs to be made for the LGBTQI, for instance. Those who live with a disability - ​visible or not​ - victims of domestic violence, bullying, victims of war and asylum seekers, frontline workers dealing with a pandemic and very little recognition, animals with no voice at all. This is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Can’t we all admit that we’ve felt invisible at some point in our lives? If you take an honest approach to yourself and dig deep down, you, too will remember a moment where yes, you felt ​invisible​. Perhaps for a moment, we can take a break from the superficial world we all crave to brag about, and simply just be real with ourselves. Once we can accept ​it’s ok not to be ok,​ then we can really live. ​And that’s where the ultimate message of this new track comes alive.

Be amongst the first to hear Varga’s newest track by connecting with him on ​Facebook, Instagram, ​YouTubeor get in touch with him directly at ​

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