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Announcing the candidates for the ARC Executive Board of 2021/2022!

Eleven members have submitted their nomination for the ARC Executive Board for the year 2021/2022. Nine of these candidates will be voted-in by a secret e-ballot amongst paid-up members of ARC.

Votes will be accepted from the 17th March 10am up to the 23rd March 5pm.

The results will be announced at the AGM on Tuesday 23rd March starting at 6.00pm.

The candidates are:

Graziella Scerri


Having read for a degree in Youth Work, I had the opportunity to carry out research focusing on LGBTIQ+ issues, with particular attention given to situations in Gozo. I explored the struggles that many had been facing, which made me more and more interested in giving a voice to this community. Joining the ARC executive committee will give me the opportunity to help develop and promote a safer, more inclusive environment - especially for women and Gozitans - within an organisation. My experience and skills developed in the fields of social work, education and project management give me the possibility to work in favor of the empowerment, support and motivation of LGBTIQ+ community members.


Francesca Vella


I want to help to bring about positive change for the LGBTIQ+ community and strongly believe in the need for more visibility, the need to have more role models and the need to fight for what matters and what we truly care about. I’ve been a member of the ARC executive committee for the past year and would like to renew my commitment, particularly by bringing more of my writing and PR skills to the table.

My ambition is to get more and more people actively involved and to make sure our message is properly channelled to the LGBTIQ+ community, allies and the public at large.


Michael Owen He/Him

I am a founding member of Doncaster Pride (UK) since 2007 and have been involved with many fundraising activities to put on this event for over 15,000 people each and every year. Due to my passion and experience, I have continued working with Doncaster directly (and from afar) while also helping to coordinate Malta Pride with ARC since moving to Malta in 2017 and have been a member of the ARC executive team for the past year.

As well as my experience within the event sector, I also come with a background in hospitality, being a former hotel manager, and believe I can continue contributing towards the collective goals of the ARC executive team for the coming year and beyond.


Denise Aquilina


I’m a 33-year-old female recently married to my wife Claudia. I consider myself to be a very outgoing person and I’m very passionate about whatever I sign up to do. I’m currently working in the HR industry at HSBC and this has given me the opportunity to grow and be in a position to see things from a different perspective. I’m also part of the HSBC Pride Team as the communication champion, together being the representative for Malta at the HSBC Continental Europe Pride. This gives me a great satisfaction as I’m in a position to share my ideas, create social events, share important communications and be a point of reference for whoever is in need.

Working with ARC during past activities that we had at HSBC, I know how passionate ARC is and the difference it makes to people around Malta. I believe that I would be a great fit for the team as I bring along a bag of experience and with my organisational skills, being a people’s person and having a genuine passion to organise different events and activities I can make a difference to the team.

My ambitions and objectives for ARC are to have more of a female representation. Be in a position to be able to organise different social events to enhance ARC’s name amongst the community such as by organising similar events already done together with Clean ups, High Teas, Informative Sessions etc.

Myself and my wife in the coming months will be undergoing treatment at the ART clinic to eventually be in a position to get pregnant. I believe that with undergoing such experience, I will be able to support other same sex couples going through the same process.


Serkan Zihli


LGBTQI activist for almost twenty years, proudly green and left in politics, Kinnie addict, (old) party boy, citizen of the world... I always believed that standing together and being organized are vital for our existence and also our biggest power. I am planning to bring my PR & organization skills, creative ideas, corporate tune, fun events, some glam and Turkish delight on ARC’s board.


Moussa Hammoud


Driven by the belief in equality between all human being, i am , and have been strong defender of human rights, freedom, social justice, and ethical culture. It might seem to each one of us that our influence in the community is negligible, but my experience with ARC the past four years proved to me that a simple effort or gesture or act of kindness which is negligble in your eyes has a big difference on someone and would be a life changing.

I am looking forward, should i be re-elected, to provide further support to ARC and to our community from the consolidated experience i have in aviation and management and armed with my belief of our common cause.


Nicholas Bugeja


Being a member of the board of arc gives me an opportunity to learn more about the needs of the community and as well an opportunity to contribute back.

I’m proud that working as a team we managed to have the opportunity to bring Europride to our country. Now it is our duty to make this dream a reality. I really would like to be part of this journey to make this one of the greatest experience the community had. Furthermore, pride is not only about fun but it is also providing a platform for all the colour of the rainbow to express their needs and share everyday struggles. really enjoyed my work with Arc, both as a member of the Board as well as the community. I feel like I've been able to contribute in the Membership area increasing membership and providing more options for people to contribute, but also in the strategic approach of ARC.


Michael Salone


I've really enjoyed my work with Arc, both as a member of the Board as well as the community. I feel like I've been able to contribute in the Membership area increasing membership and providing more options for people to contribute, but also in the strategic approach of ARC. If members wish me to continue, I would hope I could stay on to contribute in a way that helps those we are aiming to serve.


Lee Giusti He/Him

To build a safe and comforting environment for others in need and help those that are vulnerable and show that everyone is the same and be there for each other.


Lilla Salamon She/Her

In the past year I had the chance to be part of ARC a Board Member and it gave me a deeper understanding of the ongoing issues and challenges the Maltese LGBT community is facing. I would like to continue helping a great team and community overcome these challenges and ensure a more equal future for the next generations. My strengths lie in my ability to see the business side of the picture which is helpful in increasing donations. Moreover, through GayGuideMalta I gained a wide network of businesses which are ready to open towards LGBT customers and support the community. Last but not least my marketing experience helps in getting the word out of ARC's programs and agenda to as many people as possible.


Clayton Mercieca


This is my 3rd year with ARC as a coordinator and being given this responsibility has been an honour and a privilege which I do not take lightly.

I graduated in Social Work (2007) with a Masters in Creativity & Innovation (2010) and a certificate in Personal Coaching (2010).

My past professional work experience has been in EU Funding, Public Sector Management Consultancy and Investment Promotion. Since January 2018, I’ve been enrolled with ARC as a full time community manager. During my tenure so far, with the help of the executive team, the organisation has grown in Membership, partnerships and sponsorships and participation during Malta Pride. My vision for ARC is to make Malta a highly attractive and dynamic destination for LGBTIQ people to work, live and visit and to do this, we need to keep growing our collaboration with different stakeholders as well as the community.

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