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ARC is listed on PROUDOUT.COM

Allied Rainbow Communities is now listed on is the #1 source for information within the global LGBTQ+ community with 200,000+ clicks monthly.

To make recreational activities for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and queers (LGBTQ) easier, that was Ingo’s motivation for The decisive factor in implementing the idea was, as with many a good business idea, a celebration.

At a wedding, it happened that the two friends Ingo and Manuel sat at a table and in the course of the evening talked about the idea of Proudout. This moment was, so to speak, the big bang for Because there came three decisive factors together. First, the idea of Ingo. Second, the skills of Manuel. And third, both felt like starting a new project.

And half a year later, they both founded the sensation CLICK! UG, the company behind Today, Proudout is one of LGBTQ+’s leading global directories, providing visitors with information about events, travel deals, service providers, and products.

If you are a business and want to be listed on their website, you will be able to benefit a 50% discount if you mention Allied Rainbow Communities as a referral.

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Registered Voluntary Organisation Number: 1136


19, Triq San Mark, Valletta

VLT1362. Malta



+356 9927 2999

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