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Are You Proud? | Ashley Joiner's LGBTQI+ Documentary Is Asking All The Questions We Won't

LGBTQI+ rights and their attached histories are rife with passion. Ashley Joiner’s ponderous documentary, Are You Proud? casts a lens over every hue of the rainbow by bringing to light the past of our community’s struggles for acceptance and understanding.

By re-issuing news reports of yesteryear and bridging into the many well-known Pride marches of today, via the Stonewall riots and AIDs epidemic that swept across the western world throughout the eighties, Are You Proud? is able to ask us each and all one question we should be asking ourselves every day.

“There are an increasing number of people out there who are feeling emboldened in hating queers.”

Join ARC and the rest of the community for a screening of Are You Proud?, held in Spazju Kreattiv for two special nights towards the end of March.

Kicking things off on night one, the audience will be offered the chance to partake in a direct Q&A with the film’s director: Ashley Joiner himself will be in attendance, ready to hear your questions or remarks.

Featuring the likes of countless Pride parades and marches, the Gay Liberation Front and the Stonewall Riots’ pioneering demonstrations and the recognition of landmark movements across queer history, Are You Proud? doesn’t just look back, but instead hopes forth by asking the tough questions about how racism and xenophobia has affected Queer People of Colour within the mainstream LGBT+ Pride culture today.

A view into the world only fifty years since the first Stonewall came tumbling down, Are You Proud? offers up a timely moment to question the attitudes of today and the fundamental rights queer communities around the world still fight for.


Screenings will take place on March 20th and March 31st. Ashley Joiner will be in attendance for the March 20th screening. For more information, check out the event page on Facebook.

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