AW Oħt! Malta's FIRST Digital Drag Show promises a taste of Rainbow Cake with a hint of vodka

If you've been feeling like there's nothing new to do for weeks, a little extra makeup and a lot of extra hair is about to shake things up

Malta's first digital drag show is ready to show you a good time, and remind you there's nothing quite like island talent

Featuring the incredible talents of:

Trihanna Wildé

⭐ Blakk Velvet (Kim Cauchi)

⭐ Coco Bordell (Photo by Kris Micallef)

⭐ Hazel

and of course

Chucky (who will also be your hostess for the evening)

You don't wanna miss out!

Grab a drink, text a friend and get ready for a Lejla Maltija like never before!

When: Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Time: 2000hrs - 2200hrs


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