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Be You -Kurt Farrugia

Hello everyone,

My name is Kurt Farrugia and currently I am a contestant for Face of Gaetano which every week episodes are being uploaded every Monday at 7pm. During our time in the competition, Episode 5 was such an unforgettable episode personally.

The reason because the remaining contestants had to personify a Diva which in one way or another inspires our local fashion designer Gaetano Busuttil a.k.a Gaetano Gaetano from Haus of Gaetano which also is the mind behind this reality show alongside Miriam and Taz Gardner from MTLATV media house.

By random choice I got the most ICONIC Diva that this earth has ever witnessed, yours truly CHER. As soon as I found out that I had to impersonate Cher the pressure was kicking in. I’ve decided to let it sink in and

actually process it and then automatically ideas will come and so it was.

I’ve decided to go all the way in Drag - changing myself completely from shaving my beard to every inch of hair from my body and give it all in a week preparation. The process was truly amazing as I decided to create her famous newspaper wig from her music video ‘This is a women’s world’.

Also I borrowed a shiny bedazzling dress from one of my best friends and a pointed shoe that can actually fit me(which we all know that it is a struggle in Malta to find someone who actually sell stilleto shoes sizes over 40s).

I have to say though the very moment that really struck me was the moment were I sat down with without any doubt one of Malta’s best make up artist Karl Zammit Nash to create and inspired Drag look of Cher. The process was so empowering and free at the same time. That very moment made me realise to channel my inner feminine “Diva” side with pride and dignity. No one should ever feel ashamed of channeling their own femininity – moreover another thing to point was that whilst Karl was doing what he does best a young girl passed by and kind of stopped and just stared . Both me and Karl burst laughing as she had the most adorable reaction.

As I got on location I got to wear my outfit and I must say it was so empowering being in a dress for the very first time in heels and full on Drag Make-up and a wig which I got to make. The pressure by that time most probably must have been triple more than I felt in the beginning of the week but it was worth it. My main goal was to show that it’s okay to be who you want to be , be proud of yourself.

We can make the world a better place if we just let go of hatred judgement and just focus on ourselves to be better each day and let nature take its course rather than tear each other down. EMBRACE who you are WHATEVER who YOU ARE.

Watch the Face of Gaetano online show with new episodes every Monday via:

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