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Behind The Queer Lens

Photography is a medium that allows artists to express themselves and share what inspires them most. With patience, dedication, time, and exploration, an artist brings the subject to life, creating much scope for imagination and appreciation of moments captured. It exposes us to different visions and perceptions via one's originality and creative skills. In no particular order, I present to you 8 breathtaking photographers who never fail to amaze us with their stunning masterpieces.

Kris graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2011 after reading for his degree at the University of Malta. His architectural background influences his photographs - order, geometry, light, and beauty are keywords synonymous with Kris’ photography. Kris excels in both fine art photography as well as commercial photography having a particular interest in the world of fashion. His works have been published in various magazines in Europe, the Middle East, and also the United States. He’s also exhibited his works at Malta House, Brussels (2012), Kvartira 57, Kyev (2012), Salle Jean Despas, Saint-Tropez (2013), and Blitz, Valletta (2014), and BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts Brussels in 2017.

Amy has often found herself fascinated by how photography could be viewed differently, by the way, the image is taken, by the light used, the shadow caused, or even how an eye-catching composition was created. She creates photographs of people around her in an attempt to grasp some sense of understanding of their lives through the lens of her camera. For her portrait photography can be interpreted differently. It all depends on the way she would like to portray the subject. Amy also focuses on lifestyle photography and conceptual photography.

Marlon Polidano started showing interest in the arts at an early age, graduated in Photography from MCAST in 2017. Marlon excels in fine art and photo manipulation, his love towards baroque and Greek and Roman Mythology influence his photography. Monochrome is usually his style of choice. Symmetry, patterns, and chiaroscuro are keywords synonymous found in his work.

Fran Stivala is a people photographer. Shooting for over ten years she is now working on studio portraits with color gels and sees herself doing so in the near future. She also has a vast amount of experience photographing weddings, events, and property.

Mr. V has been living and working as a photographer in Malta since 2018. He mainly shoots portraits, events, and weddings. Mr. V’s style can be described as a documentary as he prefers not to pose his subjects too much but base the photos on natural interaction between people in a given setting. The way he poses his subject is usually limited to the interesting background and nice light, leaving the rest to the client. He believes the best photos are those which capture a beautiful moment. As a photographer, he gets to freeze that moment and allow the client to cherish it forever

Jeanelle Sammut mainly focuses on portraits and street photography, incorporating soft tones with a dark aesthetic portraying how she sees this world. Her plans for the future include getting into fashion photography, particularly working around androgyny.

Carlton mainly photographs fashion & beauty. The styling in his photos is quite a synonym in his shoots, especially with the use of accessories. When Carlton is creative directing a shoot, he inclines towards putting the model in a character. For him, photography is like a movie, It tells a story. One of his future goals is to continue to express himself through his photography. Carlton also looks forward to continuing to collaborate with other local artists and bring more art into this world.

Priscilla Tabone, also known as Pri, turned a long-standing passion into a profession. Ta' Pri Photography’s goal is to help people capture still moments of memorable life events, as well as the beauty in all that surrounds us. A big focus of hers is pet photography, looking to preserve owners’ memories of their much-loved furry companions. She also occasionally does fashion shoots.

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