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Being gay in South Korea : gay places and advice

By Said Gay lieux

My apprehension before departure

On the beginning, It was not so much the fact that I was gay in South Korea in Seoul that scared me, but the global pandemic that affected the whole world at that time. Even though I was sexually assaulted in South Korea by an old man, I will tell you about it later...

"Any entry into France and any exit from our territory to or from a country outside the European Union will be forbidden, except for compelling reasons, from Sunday 0:00 am "

While my first year exchange student in the United States was cancelled, I was once again given a stick in the wheels, Castex announced 3 weeks before my departure to South Korea the closing of the borders.

You know the feeling, you are immersed in your work and your son calls you and tells you bad news.

Well, it's a little bit the same, Castex didn't call me directly of course, but while I was making my last Uber Eat delivery as a driver. Castex announced "all borders will be closed from ".

I park my delivery car on the side of the road and try to breathe deeply, an asphyxia will hold my throat for more than 2 weeks until my final departure to South Korea

In my head I was devastated, again a second time, so I will never go to study abroad?

But a big relief, the foreign ministry announces that the students can travel!

In reality, I didn't really have any apprehension about the way I would live my homosexuality when I arrived in South Korea. However, it is only once I was there that I met gay people who were apprehensive about the question, on the one hand they thought that their sexuality was going to be reduced to 0 and that it was going to be difficult to meet boys who would please them.

I am open to all styles and I was not apprehensive about the homophobia that is common in South Korea, until I was sexually assaulted by a gay man in a park in Seoul. This is the story I will explain to you in the following article.

What do you think is "acceptable" or not to do in public in South Korea and especially in Seoul?

A How do you live as a gay couple in Seoul?

I have seen very few gay couples in South Korea, and even seen none kissing in public, there is a general taboo of the society around the question. Indeed, South Korea is particularly conservative with a majority of the population Catholic and Confucian.

B What gay places would you recommend to us?

Even if we see Korea as the Eldorado of modernity, unfortunately it is not the case with homosexuals. There are a few gay clubs and bars, I advise you the Itaewon and Hongdae area to meet men. But I will soon make a detailed review of gay clubs and bars on The best way to meet men is to use gay applications like Grindr. However, this application caused me a sexual assault in the street.

C- Is being gay as a foreigner perceived more positively by Koreans?

I had a very bad experience with the Grindr application in South Korea, I was sexually assaulted in a park in Seoul. While I was quietly taking my remote Finance class on a bench, an old Mr. Korea sat next to me and got closer and closer to me. I will tell you the rest of this story on my blog : how I was assaulted by a old gay in Korea ? (do follow blog)

About the author

I'm a gay travel blogger. My goal is to forget our differences and show the whole world how homosexuality is experienced all over the world and that it differs from country to country!

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