Call to raise Bi & Pan awareness

ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities is looking to raise awareness about bisexual and pansexual individuals in Malta. As a contribution to this, ARC, together with some independent local activists, is asking bisexual and pansexual individuals to send in short anonymous submissions to raise awareness about issues related to the bisexual and pansexual community in Malta.

Submissions may contain any personal experiences and facts experienced by the senders or the local bi/pan community. Submissions should be 1 to 3-sentence long, in English or Maltese.

Example: “As a teenager, I was always told I have to choose: men or women. Growing older I understood it is ok to like both”.

It is your time to speak up! Please help us support bi and pan visibility and send your contribution(s) to by no later than Monday 31st August 2020.

The collected material will be published as part of a social media campaign (including banners, infographics and other publications) during Pride Week 2020 by ARC and the Bi & Pan Malta Community Facebook group.

Your personal data and message details will be treated confidentially and not be transmitted to third parties by the organisers of the initiative at any time after receipt.

Don’t forget to follow ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities on Facebook and join the Bi & Pan Malta Community Facebook group!

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