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"Coming-out" -Graziella Scerri

Guest post by Graziella Scerri

The most tiring and hardly a one-time event experienced by LGBTIQ+ community members is without any doubt - the ‘coming out’ process. How many times do you have to go through it? How long does it take to get it out of your system? What are the consequences? What if you decide not to come out?

In most societies where heterosexuality is the norm and individuals are brought up thinking that everyone is attracted to the opposite sex, the coming out process is related to an individual’s progress of sexual orientation. Individuals come out at varying degrees and in all stages of their life. But what does the term ‘coming out’ really means?

Such process is expressed by two contexts: the internal development of accepting own’s sexual orientation and the external development of unveiling own’s identity to individuals around you including family members, old friends, new colleagues, new friends…. Basically, anyone you can imagine! It is the need to share that piece of important private information driven to new or old situations and encounters. Thus, experiencing less secrecy and social isolation.

Certain individuals experiencing assumptions based on physical identifiers still feels the need to engage in some form of coming out. On the other hand, plenty of individuals engage in affirmation and self-acceptance, yet show no interest in revealing their sexuality to others.

Although it is an important element in the lives of LGBTIQ+ individuals, coming out is different for everyone. Keep in mind that negative reactions can leave feelings of rejection, while positive feedback can lead to fulfilment and well-being. You are not alone going through such experience and if there is the need do not be ashamed to seek help outside of your circle by contacting - Rainbow Support Services or call +356 79430006.


Guittar, N., A. (2013). The Meaning of Coming Out: From Self-affirmation to Full Disclosure. University of South Carolina Lancaster, USA

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