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Creating a more just society - Aditus presents its proposals

In view of an upcoming 2022 national elections, ADITUS Foundation are putting forward a number of proposals that they believe would contribute to making Malta a fairer and more just society. Their focus remains on supporting the most vulnerable members of our community whilst also strengthening those institutions empowered and tasked to protect our fundamental human rights.

The document presents possible pledges in the areas of rule of law, democratic institutions, asylum and migration, citizenship and rights of citizens, justice, gender, LGBTIQ+, and international commitments.

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"We present these recommendations in light of the declaration in Article 1 of the Constitution, that Malta “is a democratic republic founded on work and on respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual”. We therefore urge Parliamentary candidates to be mindful that in a democracy the rule of law, transparency and justice are the fulcrum on which a State rests. These are the guiding principles that should be at the basis of the political commitments made throughout the electoral campaign period." aditus foundation wishes to see an inclusive electoral campaign based on democratic ideas, vision and human dignity and less on antagonism, harassment and cronyism. We hope all candidates will refrain from discourse and behaviour that is in any way offensive, immature and unbecoming. In particular, we strongly appeal to all candidates and to party leaders to ensure that their campaigns are entirely free from racism, misogyny or other approaches that seek to score political points off the backs of vulnerable or disenfranchised people. "The recommendations are an open invitation to all Parliamentary candidates to pledge their commitment to specific ideas and initiatives. They also confirm our willingness to engage in further discussion and dialogue on these and other human rights issues we are tackling.” (Neil Falzon, aditus foundation Director)

When it comes to the area of LGBTIQ issues, ADITUS are proposing the following:

Blood Donations

Malta maintains a discriminatory approach in relation to LGBTIQ+ persons wishing to donate blood. We urge Parliamentary candidates to commit to removing this barrier.

Family Reunification for LGBTIQ+ Refugees

Because ‘family member’ is defined in terms of a spouse or a long-term partner in a country where the law or practice recognises such relationships, LGBTIQ+ persons fleeing their countries of origin are unable to benefit from this right following recognition of their refugee status. They are therefore unable to reunite with their loved ones. We recommend a revision to the law, broadening the definition of ‘family member’ to include LGBTIQ+ partners in a stable relationship.

Legal Gender Recognition for Third-Country Nationals

Malta’s excellent legislation on the rights of transgender persons is not open to thirdcountry nationals living here, unless they are beneficiaries of international/national protection. Transgender persons working here are therefore unable to enjoy the right to their gender identity. It is recommended that a policy be introduced whereby Identity Malta is enabled to issue amended/updated residence permits to third-country nationals.

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