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Call for participants in a research study

ARC has partnered up with the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) to conduct a qualitative research study on the discriminatory experiences faced by the LGBTIQ+ community through an EU-funded project entitled ‘Empowerment for Diversity’ (E4D) This is an update to a study conducted 10 years ago. You may click here for the study.

The main aims of this study are:

To identify the extent of the discrimination experienced and the perpetrators of such discrimination;

To identify deficiencies in measures of redress, policies and structures currently available;

To identify the effect that Malta’s latest legal advancements had on the public’s perceptions of LGBTIQ+ individuals and of the LGBTIQ+ community;

Each interview is expected to last about an hour since the questions focus mostly on personal discriminatory experiences.

The participants will remain anonymous and unidentifiable and the data gathered will be confidential.

Your participation would be of great benefit in ensuring significant research results and as a result identifying possible areas of improvement and/or action.

Should you wish to participate or for more information, please send an email to Ms Joana Micallef (NCPE Project Coordinator) on

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