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Immediate gratification, a term has seems to have defined our current way of life. If we want a book we can download on kindle, hungry? Delivery in 30 min, or less. Clothing? ASOS offers next day delivery. With this in mind, why would our sex life be any different ?

Smartphone applications constantly keep popping up which say to offer anything from a quick “release” to the love of your life (They are only a click away!). However with such easy access, pun intended, we increase expose to certain risks and therefore ARC and myself have brainstormed and created 5 things to keep in mind the next time you on the prowl.

Fully understand what you are getting into.

Sexual experimentation is natural and can be a great experience, however when deciding to hook up with someone new, you cannot expect them to be a mind reader. Set your boundaries and ensure there is a mutual understanding of what is desired from both (even multiple parties) involved.

Do your research, don’t be naïve.

Not everyone has your best intentions at heart. We would advise that prior to meeting the next love of your life you familiarise yourself with a few key points to keep in mind.

· Unprotected sexual encounters will always come with some amount of risk.

· Prep has a protocol which needs to be discussed with a medical professional (popping a pill 10 min before will not mitigate risk)

· U=U, Knowing someone is on treatment for HIV means they cannot transmit the virus when at an undetectable viral load (Partner2 study concluded 2019) however does not mean other STIs are not possible.


No one can and no one should ever make you do anything you are not comfortable with, and no one should purposely put you, or themselves in a volatile or uncomfortable situation. You can say NO, and if possible have someone that knows what is going on in case you need one of those infamous “emergency calls” to make a quick exit.

Hook-up apps are not legally binding.

We can go ahead and call this a given, however just to be clear, if you encounter someone asking to lease a room or arrange a rental agreement, for the love of god please make sure you do this the right way. Take proper precautions, draw up a contract, set your ground rules.


If things don’t feel right, there are plenty of fish in the sea, or swipes on the screen. If something doesn’t feel right, or seems to be a bit off. Even if you just don’t feel comfortable, just don’t do it and if in doubt, remember they provided a block button.

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