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The 1st of June marks the start of Pride Season. Alas, hundreds of Pride Marches & events have been cancelled around the world. In this scenario, the only thing that we, as LGBTQ+ community in Malta, can do is to refuse to remain neutral in the face of injustice.

Pride was born as a result of the refusal to police brutality and systemic oppression. Never forget, the uprising of Stonewall in NYC was led by a black, trans woman, Marsha P. Johnson.

The LGBTQ+ community in Malta has also faced persecution by authorities and homophobic/transphobic violence over the years, and only our collective and organised action challenged the dominant discourse and earned us the right to marry whomever we love, to form a family and to be protected from harm, hatred and discrimination.

As an unrepentant part of a proud minority, we must not forget the plight of those who are still oppressed. Our fight for justice, equality and freedom can and will never be over.

It is undisputed that people of colour (POC) in Malta are a minority that still suffers from oppression and racism. Faced with even more hate, are the refugees and asylum seekers, from African countries, living in Malta.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 has exacerbated racism from all fronts and Human Rights are being infringed for the sake of gaining political mileage and populist victories.

Whilst Malta's LGBTQ+ community is predominantly white and European, let us recognise our white privilege and let us learn from the discrimination that we have ourselves suffered throughout the years and transform our strength into compassion and solidarity. It is our turn to be allies for a minority which has been suffering for too long. Pride is an occasion to celebrate all diversities with all our intersectionalities. There is no place for hate, only love.

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