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Let's talk about Hypnotherapy

Allied Rainbow Communities is inviting you to the 3rd Edition of the Friday Night Fever Series where we will be looking into Hypnotherapy and what it can do for our wellbeing.

Joining us for this talk will be licensed award-winning hypnotherapist Marshall-Warren Deborah with practices both in Central London & Malta. Facilitating the discussion will be Moussa Hammoud.

Amongst other questions we shall be seeing how hypnotherapy would help individuals overcome fears on daily basis: examples are fear of height, fear of attention, fear of public speaking, fear of a creature (dogs, cats, birds, lizards). As well as how would hypnotherapy help LGBT individuals accept their sexuality, or react to their familial pressure or rejection

Join us on 1st May at 20:30HRS on Zoom:

About Deborah

Deborah is an award winning hypnotherapist with practices both in Central London and Malta. Renowned for her interactive hypnotherapy skills, Deborah is a recipient of the Emeritus Fellowship by the National Hypnotherapy Society (FHS UK). Deborah is the author of three books regarding hypnotherapy, and is a regular contributor to leading debates and industry discussion. Today she is celebrating 25 years experience, and is recognised as one of the best hypnotherapists in both London and the whole UK, making her a leading practitioner in her field.

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