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LGBTIQ+ Podcasts to Listen to!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Have you ever wanted to start listening to podcasts but didn't know where to start? Well, here are 9 podcasts to listen to while cooking, doing chores, on the way to work, or just to kill boredom!


This weekly podcast offers interviews of LGBTQ people, some more known than others, and allows us to learn more about their story and their journey of activism and professional careers.

Where to listen:

2. Adventure in Time and Gender

A podcast in which trans and non-binary history is told by a trans and non-binary cast, as well as written, directed and produced by trans and non-binary people. This was made by trans and non-binary people, for trans and non-binary people and for people who want to learn.

Where to listen:


Queerology is a podcast in which Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, writers, thinkers to have conversations on belief and being yourself to answer the question of how to live better as LGBTIQ+ people of faith.

Where to listen:

4. Food 4 Thot

A multiracial cast of queer writers talks about all sort of topics: sex, relationships, race, identity, books they love, authors they love, etc. All very important topics brought with a hint of humour, but without taking away the seriousness of the topics.

Where to listen:

5. Rainbow Road: A Gay Gaming Podcast

This podcast focuses on video games, more particularly LGBTIQ+ representation in video games. The two hosts, two gay men (gaymers as they call themselves) discuss this very vast world through queer lenses.

Where to listen:

6. Bad Gays

This is a history podcast but it's not like your regular history podcast: this one focuses on the "villains" of history, those with a bad reputation, who happened to be LGBTIQ+. We can't always be the good guys, but our identity is never the reason why we're the bad guys!

Where to listen:

7. Outward: Slate's LGBTQ Podcast

This podcast aims to deepen people's understanding of LGBTIQ+ culture and politics through discussions with a variety of guests. With an episode once a month, listeners are invited to discover different perspectives and join conversations about the issues animating our community.

Where to listen:

8. Some Families

This podcast is dedicated to celebrating LGBTIQ+ families. It explores different topics with the use of true stories from diverse families, from parenthood through adoption, insemination or surrogacy, co-parenting, transitioning as a parent, having LGBTIQ+ parents, and more.

Where to listen:

9. Making Gay History

This is another history podcast, however, this one focuses on the heroes and witness to LGBTIQ+ history. Each episode is a portrait of a champion, known or forgotten by history, accompanied by archives, particularly archival interviews.

Where to listen:

Happy listening!

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