Living Positively - A Talk by Christian Vincent (HIV Activist)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

'Upon arriving in MALTA I learned amongst other things that: ▪️ There's no official way to get PrEP. ▪️ There's currently month-long waiting list to get tested for HIV anonymously. ▪️ Should one be tested positive, the patient waits up to 6 weeks (!) for further information and treatment. ▪️ Treatment is not personalised; and the only one used (Combivir and Kaletra) have very strong side effects for most (>10%) ▪️ All this unfortunately enforces an ongoing social stigma about HIV; and not only in the general public, but amongst (foremost) gay men as well. ▪️ U=U is practically unheard of.

But hey! It doesn't have to be like this! 😍 Regardless of your HIV status (Or knowledge about the subject) I implore you to partake this talk, should you have the time'.



TIME: 06.30PM


Professional actor, Christian Vincent has been in the public eye since 2013, when his video response to the Russian anti-propaganda law "its not okay" went viral and became part of the many voices supporting the "To Russia With Love" movement.

In 2014 Chris won the Axgil Activist Award for his work and started supporting local matters as a member of the Copenhagen Pride board of directors.

Since his 2016 move to Amsterdam and through his work amongst other things as a fetish model he has remained outspoken about the importance of a sex-positive lifestyle through his many social media platforms, and on programs on Dutch national television.

To combat stigma through openness and honesty, he spoke openly about being HIV-positive and was featured in the Dutch magazine "Hello Gorgeous" in the fall of 2018.

Today, Christian uses his accumulated experiences as an actor, activist, cartoon translator, kinkster, sex worker (and foremost as a gay man struggling with living up to society's expectations) to share whimsical tales about despair, hopes and dreams, having them crushed, only to rebuild them stronger than ever.

He lectures and speaks publicly on his core topics and strongly emphasizes an emphatic approach to dialogue with his followers and interlocutors

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