Malta Pride x YoBetIt: an interview

We went to the offices of YoBetIt to interview some employees and we were greeted by excited faces and beaming smiles. We chatted with, Paula Hili, Amina Haroun, Guilherme Moreira da Silva and Roberta Vella and today we are sharing their answers to some Pride themed questions.


Paula: Within the company itself we have so many different people, from some many different cultures, we are a very multicultural company. We are all the same and everyone takes a genuine interest in each other’s culture and native birthplace, I feel it from everyone, we want to know more and we ask questions, we like to make efforts for each other even with languages, we try to learn, for example, how to say ”Good morning” in different languages, it just comes natural!

Amina: I see YoBetIt embracing diversity in many different ways, for example, other companies don’t have that many female workers, and as a percentage, we are proud to say that YoBetIt has a lot.

Guilherme: I think it’s a part of our culture here. When you look at every single person in here it’s unthinkable for us to not embrace diversity, we have people from all over the world, every kind of people from every kind of place. We are a young mentality company, it’s in our DNA to embrace that, we live in the 21th century so I’d say it’s about time to embrace diversity, it just can’t be the other way around.


Paula: I think it’s important because companies such as us we are able to give voices to organizations and promote a cause in the best light we can. As a company we take to heart all the collaborations we make with organizations, and apart from the fact that we get involved in things we truly believe in, it’s important for us to have the strength to give a voice and put a message across, things that maybe a single person wouldn’t be able to do alone. When an established company like us is involved there is a higher chance that people will get more involved, wanting to know and learn more, and maybe change perspective about something.

Amina: It’s important to support Pride because we need to give a voice to all the people living in countries where they don’t’ have the freedom to speak up and live the life they want. Supporting an event like Pride you’re actually giving it a foundation for other people to see and maybe use as an example.

Guilherme: Well, how can you not support Pride? It’s something that should come naturally to companies, you can’t be against something so important because there’s more than labelling people, it’s about heart and capacity.

Roberta, despite her shyness, closed the interview with a sentence as simple as irrevocably right: “It’s just that we are all human at the end of the day.”