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Marking the end of Malta Pride Month 2020

Today marks the end of Malta Pride Month 2020.

We thank all the individuals and entities that donated, contributed, reached out in some way or another to help the LGBTIQ+ community and the work of voluntary organisations so that no one is left behind.

This month may not have given us the opportunity to come together, but it gives us ample time to reflect on our own actions and prejudices.

If we are not experiencing discrimination ourselves, it does not mean equality for everyone has been achieved. There's still a lot to be done and many people still facing injustice.

Let us remember that the Pride movement globally started as a response to the systemic oppression of the state and the brutality deployed by people with authority. Among the catalysts of the Pride movement were black people of colour, trans inidividuals and sex workers who up to this day are the people that are still being discriminated the most. In addition, our fight for equality, is not only nationally but globally. Our top ranking in LGBTIQ+ equality as a country puts us in a position of responsibility to inspire change in regions where people are still suffering immensely.

We hope you can keep supporting us and other movements that strive to make true Equality a reality for all.

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